Stone, Hoops and Sticks
In this class students will actively participate in games developed by Native Americans. Students will learn how modern team sports such as basketball, soccer and baseball evolved from games of early America.

Stone, Hoops, and Sticks Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7
Physical Activity Standards GK /1PA-R1/PO1       GK /5PA-R1/PO1 G1-3 /6PA-F1/PO1 GK /7PA-R1/PO3    
  GK /1PA-R1/PO2       GK /5PA-R1/PO2 G1-3 /6PA-F1/PO2 GK /7PA-R2/PO1    
  GK /1PA-R1/PO3       GK /5PA-R1/PO3 G4-8/6PA-E1/ G6-8 /PO1      
  G1-3 /1PA-F1/PO2       GK /5PA-R2/PO1        
  G1-3 /1PA-F1/PO3       GK /5PA-R2/PO2        
          G1-3 /5PA-F1/PO1        
          G1-3 /5PA-F1/PO2        
          G1-3 /5PA-F3/PO2        
Stone, Hoops, and Sticks Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Social Studies S1-C1-PO1 S1-C1-PO2 S1-C1-PO3 S1-C1-PO2 S1-C1-PO4 S1-C1-PO5 S1-C2-PO3    
  S1-C1-PO2 S1-C1-PO3 S1-C1-PO4 S1-C1-PO3 S1-C2-PO1   S4-C2-PO3    
  S1-C1-PO3 S2-C1-PO3 S1-C1-PO5 S1-C1-PO4          
  S1-C1-PO4 S4-C4-PO1 S4-C4-PO4 S4-C4-PO5