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Each County department develops a results-oriented strategic plan that provides a clear, strategic direction and achievable goals for the department and its employees, and includes a set of performance measures to determine what results have been achieved, and if—and how well—strategic goals are being met.

Each department plan includes key strategic management elements: Issue Statements, a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement, and Strategic Goals, which determine the strategic direction of the department.

The operational elements of a department’s strategic plan are the Services, Activities, Programs, and performance measures that the department carries out to achieve its mission and goals. Structural elements describe the actions the organization uses to implement its strategic plan, and how it measures results.

The County has chosen a balanced and practical approach to performance measurement by using a Family of Measures that includes Demand, Output, Efficiency, and Result measures for each Activity.

Performance measures are updated and progress toward achieving goals is reviewed every quarter throughout the fiscal year.

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