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 This page last updated on:
3/17/2015  3:50 PM

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Be prepared. Don't be afraid.
What does it mean to Maricopa County?

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is monitoring intelligence referencing homeland security and will continue to update you when necessary.

There are professional law enforcement officials, public health professionals and emergency management personnel constantly reviewing material and information from a large variety of sources to ensure your safety.

Maricopa County has an excellent emergency plan and one of the best response capabilities for the residents near Palo Verde in the nation. The responders and emergency managers are very well schooled in handling emergencies that may occur at the plant, up to and including any potential terrorist act.

Although the National Security Threat Level is now reduced, we should take this opportunity to prepare ourselves as we would for any emergency such as a fire, flood or natural disaster. This site is intended to be a resource for employees of Maricopa County to find up-to-date information and links to national resources on terrorism and preparedness.

Emergency Mgmt. Message to Employees (video)

Be Prepared. How?

National Preparedness Brochure

What happens during Orange and Red Alerts?

Employees, please visit the EBC Homepage often for internal updates
(when connected to the internal network)

Employees may also call our County Hotline
for up-to-date recorded info at
602-372-9273 *

*Please note that the number 602-372-9273 may not be active during times of inactivity or when there are no relevant alerts/messages at present. 

Security Update  

The United States government threat level remains at Code Orange, or High for all domestic and international flights. The ban on liquids and gels in carry on baggage remains in full effect.

Nationally, in other sectors, the threat level remains at Code Yellow, or Elevated.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) new security procedures were updated Monday, September 25, 2006. These new measures adjusted bans on liquids, aerosols and gels. More information is available at .

As always, the Sheriff's Office, Emergency Management Department representatives, and County leaders are continuously monitoring the situation. You will be notified in a timely manner and given direction on what to do in the event of any threat to our community.

The Maricopa County Awareness Hotline (602-37- AWARE) also has current info.


Maricopa County Homeland Security
301 W. Jefferson
Phoenix, AZ 85003
Ph: 602-372-9273
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