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Smoking Vehicle Complaint

  1. The Smoking Vehicle Program only applies to vehicles with Arizona license plates.
    In order to notify the smoking vehicle offender, we need their 6 to 8 digit Arizona license plate number in the boxes below.

    Use upper case for letters. When you have finished, submit the form to send the information to us.

    If you wish to enter more than one license plate number after submitting a form, close the window when the "Thank You" page displays, return to the Smoking Vehicle Report Form, and fill it out again.

    Thank you for your assistance in helping clean up the air. Your confidentiality is assured.
  2. Alternate Submission Instructions
    Call the Maricopa County Air Quality Complaint Line at 602-372-2703 and report the license plate number to the operator.

    Our office will send a courtesy letter informing the registered owner of a possible problem with the vehicle.
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