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Why do moms kill?
Sara West asks: What would cause a parent to do such a seemingly unnatural thing as kill a child?
Rabbi: Hate threatens us all
Mark Levin, a rabbi in Overland Park, says hate-stoked violence touched his Jewish community but plagues many groups in the U.S. Friends and clergy of......
Survivor dances again
Professional dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombings. She allowed CNN to follow her inspiring recovery.
Du Pont heir avoided prison
Though Robert H. Richards IV was convicted of rape, the wealthy heir to the du Pont family fortune was spared prison by a Delaware court in 2009 becau......
U.S. extremists: Deadlier than jihadists?
Peter Bergen and David Sterman say the Kansas Jewish Center killings are part of a string of lethal violence in the U.S. that outstrips al Qaeda-influ......
Chicago: Land of 'saved' & 'damned'
Kevin Coval says Chicago isn't creating good jobs for the poor, middle class and isn't providing good schools for its children, of all colors
Another step back from '80s drug laws
The Justice Department will let more federal inmates convicted of non-violent drug crimes ask for a reduction in sentences now seen as "out of line" w......
Cold case convict blames 'nostalgia'
"Nostalgia" and flimsy evidence led to guilty verdicts in the nation's oldest cold case ever solved, according to the man serving a life sentence for ......
Tsarnaev's widow lives like ghost
The widow of accused Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is living a quiet life in Rhode Island. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.
Fugitive became Texas deacon
On the lam 33 years, Joseph Lewis Miller was arrested in Mineola, Texas, where he was living under the alias, Roy Eugene Eubanks, and serving as a dea......
Judge asks: Do I need to gag you?
A Wisconsin judge threatens to gag a convicted murderer who went on an hour-long rant during his sentencing.
FBI seeks victims of 'prolific' international child predator
An alleged child predator who taught at schools across the world for more than four decades may have more victims, and the FBI is trying to track them......
'Corrupt' town's ex-mayor guilty in drug case
The former mayor of a Florida city that successfully fought back an attempt to dissolve it over corruption has been found guilty of possessing and dis......
Fighting America's nastiest prison riots
Get inside prison riot training at the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Va.
Justices allow some restitution for child porn victims
The Supreme Court on Wednesday made it somewhat easier for victims of online child porn to recover limited financial restitution from some of those wh......
Georgia law will allow guns in churches
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal today signed into law a gun bill that specifies where Georgia residents can carry weapons.
Never mind the Pollocks: Art buyers burned by fakes
Federal prosecutors say a Spanish art dealer convinced buyers to shell out millions for what he said were famous works of modern art, but which were f......
Al Jazeera trial: Video of sheep, then adjournment
The trial of three Al Jazeera journalists held on terrorism-related charges in Egypt was adjourned until May after the court on Tuesday viewed videos ......
Justices uphold Michigan affirmative action ban
The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld Michigan's voter-approved law that bans use of racial criteria in college admissions.
Volunteer coach gets 10 days in Steubenville probe
A former volunteer assistant football coach at Ohio's Steubenville High School was sentenced Tuesday to 10 days in jail after being found guilty of tw......
Courtesy Top Stories
Why Common Core tests fail kids
In a few weeks, the New York State Education Department will begin the second round of Common Core tests. Earlier this spring, thousands of students r......
N. Korea nuke threat aimed at U.S.?
News reports indicate that North Korea may be preparing for a nuclear test, potentially scheduled to coincide with President Obama's visit to South Ko......
De Niro goofs while making Vine
Robert De Niro shot his first six second movie when he commandeered the Vine account of a Tribeca Film Festival judge. About that 'Game of Thrones' scene
"Game of Thrones" has never strictly followed the book series it's based on, but that fan frustration turned disturbing on Sunday's episode.
Why you should fear these loans
Subprime lending is back. CNNMoney's Christine Romans explains what it is. Boy's generosity has ripple effect
In today's edition of the "Good Stuff, " a Texas boy uses his own savings to buy smoke detectors for his community. This cub's cuteness is unbearable!
You'll fall for this baby bear that keeps falling. CNN's Jeanne Moos has the mystery cub that makes a funny noise. Doctor: Phoenix VA managers tried to hide long waits
At least 40 U.S. veterans died while waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, a retired VA doctor tells CNN.
Veterans dying because of delays
U.S. veterans are dying because of delays in diagnosis and treatment at VA hospitals. VA spokesman responds to report
The Phoenix VA Health Care System is committed to delivering the highest quality care to Veterans. We have conducted robust internal reviews since the......
Body identified in 1979 cold case
A 35-year-old cold case in Texas came to an end this week when the skeletal remains of a body found in a drought-affected lake were determined to be t......
College players charged in beating
Two college football players were arraigned in Massachusetts Superior Court on Wednesday for allegedly kicking and beating a homeless man until a pass......
Kim Jong Un's secretive childhood
CNN's Elise Labott reports on the new baby pictures of Kim Jong Un released by North Korean state media. What teen stowaway got after landing
The teen stowaway who survived a five-hour flight hidden in the plane's wheel well is recovering in a Hawaii hospital, a state health official said. ......
How to hide in a wheel well
CNN's Gary Tuchman shows how the 15-year-old stowaway could have hid in the wheel well of an airplane. Chelsea Manning gets name change
Bradley Edward Manning is no more. A Kansas judge on Wednesday granted the former Army intelligence analyst's request to formally be known as Chelsea ......
'Indian Spider-Man' runs for office
A political candidate who dresses like "Spider-Man" is running in India's general elections. CNN's Mallika Kapur reports. Chris Brown faces another 'Con Air' trip
Chris Brown's assault trial in Washington has been delayed until the appeal of his bodyguard's conviction is completed. High jumpers ... in a grocery store?
A grocery store in Waukee, Iowa, held a high jump competition in the middle of its store. Affiliate KCCI reports. Ex-Blue Angels commander investigated
A former commander of the elite Blue Angels is being investigated by the Navy for allegations that he tolerated a work environment that violated milit......
FDA proposes e-cigarette regulations
The Food and Drug Administration is making another attempt at regulating electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products. Postman jailed for stashing mail
Newman, Jerry Seinfeld's diabolical nemesis and United States postal worker, was denied his dream transfer to Hawaii when the Post Office discovered h......
This video will make your heart stop
Veteran BASE jumpers Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a world record by BASE jumping off the world's tallest building. Prince Charles' brother-in-law dies
The brother-in-law of Britain's Prince Charles died in New York on Wednesday after suffering a head injury in a fall, the prince's official residence ......
10 things you're wasting money on
Financial guru Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze reveal their list of 10 things Americans waste money on. Billionaire ferry owner's home searched
The home of Yoo Byung-eun, whose family appears to control the company that owns the sunken ferry, is among more than 20 locations searched. The death......
What to do if a ship is sinking
CNN's Rosa Flores takes us inside a simulation of a sinking ship. Plane search: Object not likely of use
Australian officials say the object was found about 200 miles south of Perth and will be analyzed further. People's most beautiful person is ...
Lupita Nyong'o is having quite the ride.
50-foot sinkhole reopens after fix
HLN's Robin Meade reports on a 50-foot deep sinkhole that reopened in a Florida neighborhood called The Villages. Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis have baby
Actress Olivia Wilde proudly announced the birth of her baby boy on Wednesday, tweeting a photo to share the news with her fans. Ellsberg: He's a hero
Daniel Ellsberg tells CNN's Don Lemon that NSA leaker Edward Snowden showed courage, has done an enormous service. Jodie Foster marries
Surprise! Jodie Foster's now a married woman.
Rocket launches and then LANDS on legs!
SpaceX's Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) rocket launched in McGregor, Texas. It reached about 820 feet high. Tori Spelling talks about hubby's affair
Actress Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott discuss their marriage woes on Lifetime's "True Tori." Watch as man reels in humongous shark
Joey Polk of Milton, Florida, reeled in a giant Mako shark with his two cousins. Affiliate WKRG reports. Oldest living things on Earth threatened
Artist Rachel Sussman spent the past decade documenting the world's oldest living things. Working with biologists, she has traveled to deserts and isl......
Fighting America's nastiest prison riots
Get inside prison riot training at the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, West Va. Most insane new roller coasters
You'll flip head over heels for this summer's bumper crop of new roller coasters. Can you name this 'old' pop star?
One of the world's top pop singers dressed up in costumes to promote her latest music video. What a shot! Amazing sports photos
A hornet-fleeing golfer jumps in a lake, a squirrel looks to steal home, a jockey tumbles -- these are among 25 amazing photographs from the sports wo......
Surprise! Gore walks daughter down aisle
An iReporter catches Al Gore on camera at his daughter Sarah's wedding outside a California coffee shop. See time-lapse of glaciers vanishing
CNN's Jake Tapper talks with James Balog, a photographer who has captured evidence of what he says is global warming. Who can resist the 'Kate Effect'?
CNN's Royal Correspondent Max Foster explores the fashion influence of the Duchess of Cambridge. Nature -- now you're just showing off
Fireworks are fantastic and human endeavor has its place, but sometimes Mother Nature outshines any performance we can produce. New 'Top' couple?

Meet Michaela
Michaela Pereira on her background, her parents, and helping L.A.'s kids. Dutch scramble jets amid tension
Separately, Britain's HMS Dragon is keeping an eye on a Russian ship's transit. Officials say both incidents are fairly routine. 'Guns everywhere' now the law in Georgia
It has critics howling and proponents applauding. The wide-ranging law allows concealed guns in some bars, churches, school zones, government building......
Hero guide spent day tending to dead friends
A Sherpa guide shoved Joe Reiter behind an ice block when an avalanche thundered down Mount Everest last week, saving his life. Thirteen guides died. ......
Divers find no air pockets on key decks
Divers have found no air pockets on the third and fourth floors of the sunken ferry Sewol, South Korean authorities said. The news all but eliminates ......
Ferry crew: We couldn't reach lifeboats
One of the four crew members arrested Monday for their role in the disaster said they tried to reach the lifeboats, but "we slipped so we could not do......
Dutch, British scramble after Russian planes
Netherlands says Russian bombers violated its airspace. And, separately, a Russian ship is being watched as it steams near England. Officials say both......
Bombers chased
Russian forces found over the North Sea, near the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands. CNN's Jim Sciutto reports. U.S. troops train near Ukraine
U.S. Army paratroopers are the first part of what will be a "persistent presence" as the crisis in Ukraine unfolds. Why are U.S. troops there?
Whether viewed as a show of force to Russia or a sign of reassurance to nervous allies, the recent deployment of U.S. Army forces to Poland and three ......
Gingrich: Twin dangers
Newt Gingrich says the stakes are high, and the U.S. needs to develop an approach that checks Russian expansion but doesn't blunder into war
Russia's military might
Though the days of the USSR are gone, Russia remains an economic and military superpower. Here's what you need to know. 5 ways this could end
Ukraine's young government is running out of viable options for restoring its control of eastern regions and preserving the country's territorial inte......
Photos: Ukraine crisis

Veteran care
At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiti......
Flight 370
An "object of interest" in the search for missing Malaysian Airlines plane has been recovered on the coast of Western Australia, several hours drive s......
A contingent of U.S. Army paratroopers arrived in Poland on Wednesday, the first of what will be a "persistent presence" of U.S. troops as the crisis ......
South Korean ferry
Amid a huge bank of white flowers, their young faces stare out from the photos. Plaques underneath each picture give their names. Jodie Foster
Surprise! Jodie Foster's now a married woman.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown's assault trial in Washington has been delayed until the appeal of his bodyguard's conviction is completed. 'Most Beautiful Person'
Lupita Nyong'o is having quite the ride.
What a shot! 25 sports photos

The week in 33 photos


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