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Sources: Nation's disabled work program mired in corruption

What's next for disability rights?
Wrestler and martial artist Kyle Maynard has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, traveled the world and won an ESPY Award. It may come as a surprise to some peop......
Boy Scouts lift gay leader ban

Escort kills possible serial killer
"He pulled a gun on me! He was going to kill me!"
Horrific accident atop escalator
Security camera footage has emerged of a mother saving her young son's life seconds before losing her own on an escalator in China. Funerals for Louisiana theater shooting victims begin

Boy killed in sacrifice ritual
A Nepalese man has confessed to the murder of a young boy after claiming a shaman advised him that a human sacrifice would heal his ailing son, local ......
911 call: 'He killed my husband!'
A Florida man was shot to death in front of his family in an apparent road rage incident captured on 911 recordings. Huckabee out-Trumps GOP field

Russia bombers: Why so close?
Two Russian bombers intercepted by U.S. fighter jets off the California coast on July Fourth could be seen as having raised a metaphorical middle fing......
2 Florida teens missing at sea
The families of two 14-year-old boys who went missing on a fishing trip off the Florida coast believe they'll be found, one of the boys' mothers said ......
Shark kills diver as daughter watches
A man was fatally attacked by a shark while he and his daughter were diving for scallops off of the Tasmanian coast of Australia. Writer who knew Ted Bundy dies
Ann Rule, the author of such true-crime books as "The Stranger Beside Me" and "Every Breath You Take," has died. She was 83. Leading sources of food poisoning
There are an estimated 76 million cases of food poisoning in the United States every year. A small fraction of these illnesses lead to hospitalization......
Who killed Cecil the lion?
Cecil the lion is dead, killed illegally, authorities allege, by a foreign hunter or hunters who paid about $55,000 for the privilege. Guess who's expecting a baby?
Rapper-actor Ice-T and wife Coco are expecting a baby.
J-Lo heats it up for 46th birthday
Dang, Jennifer Lopez!
Cosby and #TheEmptyChair

Should I show 'Cosby Show' to my kids?
Once you've lost a parent or another loved one, it's hard to fully mourn the loss of somebody you don't know. Even if they were in your home once a we......
Who are Cosby's accusers?
More than 20 women have spoken with CNN, asserted their allegations on camera or in published accounts, or have been the subject of responses from Cos......
'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' at 30: Where are they now?
'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' is turning 30, take a look at what the actors from the cult-classic are up to now. 'High School Musical' cast reunites
Unlike many people, graduates from East High School didn't dread their recent class reunion. In fact, the cast of "High School Musical" shared a joyfu......
'Frozen' actress surprises ill fan
Avery Huffman, a 6-year-old girl, was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. What it's like to fly in a tin 'time machine'
The Ford Tri-Motor was the first all-metal, multi-engine commercial airliner. Step aboard this nearly 90-year-old plane they call the "Tin Goose."
Huckabee jabs back at Obama over Iran comments

6 key 2016 developments you missed
Over the weekend, the 2016 campaign trail was abuzz with presidential candidates pitching plans and engaging with voters and Sunday and Saturday had n......
Obama dives into GOP primary fight

O'Malley to meet with black leaders in S.C.
Martin O'Malley will head to South Carolina early next week after being invited by the black leadership group 20/20 Leaders of America, the O'Malley c......
Fiorina joins Koch Brothers 2016 summit
Longshot presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has won an invitation to the powerful Koch Brothers' donor summit this weekend, an opportunity for her t......
Donald Trump leaves world in disbelief

What Jeb Bush doesn't get about Medicare
On July 30, 1965, 50 years ago this coming Thursday, President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law, creating some of the biggest chan......
What Putin is really up to
While Iranian leaders prepare to pause on their nuclear program, Russia and North Korea appear locked in a contest for chief nuclear menace.
How serious is the Clinton email controversy?
Of the many allegations related to Hillary Clinton's emails -- ranging from reasonable to conspiratorial -- the most serious are the findings by two i......
How to save families from losing everything
In 2013, Nicole, a 26-year-old single mother in Chicago, represented herself in eviction court. She thought she was agreeing to pay the rent so she co......
One of the scariest jet landings ever
A bumpy landing was caught on camera as a KLM flight touched down in Amsterdam. Video shows theater gunman before shooting
New details paint a darker picture of John Houser, the man who shot and killed two women and injured nine others in a Louisiana movie theater.
911 call captures fatal road rage shooting
CNN's Nick Valencia reports on a fatal shooting that occurred in Florida after a road rage incident. A royal welcome: Go inside Buckingham Palace
Britain's royal family welcomed more than 60,000 guests in 2014. This summer, the public gets a taste of what goes into a state visit. Killer whale's disastrous choice while hunting seals
A group of volunteers used blankets, buckets and a water pump to keep a stranded killer whale safe until the tide came back. CNN affiliate CBC has mor......
WWII-era Bugs Bunny used racial slurs
Bugs Bunny has done some less than politically correct things in his cartoon life. Lisa France looks at the skeletons in Bug's Bunny's closet as he ce......
Ew! What kind of snake is that?
Scientists hope the discovery will help show how snakes made the transition from lizards to serpents. Reason #1 not to pose for a selfie with a rattlesnake
A San Diego man was bitten by a rattlesnake, but he was not prepared for the high cost to treat the bite. KGTV has more. Water balloon explodes with man inside
"The Slow Mo Guys" have a new viral hit that's a followup to their 2011 video that has 95 million views. Writer explains magazine cover, story on Bill Cosby
The cover of New York Magazine shows 35 of Bill Cosby's accusers. Noreen Malone, the author of the story, speaks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin. Sheriff insists Obama's birth certificate is fake
Sheriff Joe Arpaio says that he still believes that President Obama was not born in the United States. Gay former Boy Scout leader: Lifted ban isn't enough
Jon Langbert, a former Boy Scout leader who is gay, says that the lifted ban on gay adult leaders does not go far enough. Asia's tortured maids

Sex trafficking: The new American slavery

CNN's Maddox honored for anti-slavery efforts
CNN's Tony Maddox talks about the award he and others received from the U.S. State Department for their fight against slavery. Nixon's 9/11: When terrorism came of age

The other September 11th
Before September 11, 2001, there was September 11, 1970. Stephen Collinson explains the significance of the day that changed air travel forever.
70 historic moments from the 1970s
The '70s may have been many things, but boring sure wasn't one of them. Check out 70 of the most unforgettable images of the decade. The 'most ubiquitous consumer item'
In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records named the plastic bag the "most ubiquitous consumer item" in the world, with trillions made every year. <......
Finding personality under the sea
A quick Internet search of the Similan Islands in Thailand will yield a beach lover's paradise -- azure blue waters, lush greenery and pink speckled c......
The week in 38 photos
Take a look at 38 photos of the week from July 17 through July 23. How Henry Ford built his empire
The Ford Motor Co. began with Henry Ford, an engineer, tinkering in his garage. It soon became the world's leading producer of automobiles. See photos......
Newly released photos inside White House bunker on 9/11

Photos: Cheney and Bush on 9/11
More than 350 photos focusing on then-Vice President Dick Cheney and other Bush administration officials on September 11, 2001, have been released fol......
Osama bin Laden's compound
Take a look at the compound where Osama bin Laden was found and killed in 2011. Do's and don'ts in active shooter situation
Are you prepared if an active shooter situation unfolded in front of you? CNN's Randi Kaye looks at the training involved in surviving an active shoot......
CNN anchor to Trump: Don't punish reporters
Donald Trump explains why he banned reporters from the Des Moines Register after an editorial calling for him to drop out of the race. Lord quits post after drug allegations
Lord Sewel, a senior figure in the United Kingdom's House of Lords, has resigned from his post as a deputy speaker after video emerged that allegedly ......
Billy Crystal's show canceled
View this list of canceled TV shows to see which ones have gotten the ax. Obama cracks 'birther' joke in Kenya

NASA finds Earth's 'cousin'

The disappointed tourists of Yelp
The online review site Yelp isn't just a place to compare local dry cleaners or find out if anyone, ever, has patronized the shady, constantly shutter......

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