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Indiana Gov. wants clarification of law he just signed
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence stirred up controversy this week when he signed a "religious freedom" bill into law. Now he says he wants new legal language t......
LZ: Republicans' new 'culture wars' on gay rights?
Barney Frank, to say the least, knows his way around politics. In a Chicago appearance recently, the retired congressman had the sold-out crowd at the......
Report: Germanwings co-pilot treated for psychosomatic illness
Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz suffered from a burnout and severe depression, according to German newspaper Die Welt. FULL STORY | The victims | ......
7 shot during spring break
Seven college-age people, some who came to Panama City Beach, Florida, for spring break, were wounded in a late-night shooting, the Bay County Sheriff......
Hero Boston cop shot in face
Boston Police Officer John Moynihan was in a medically induced coma after being shot at point-blank range Friday night in the city's Roxbury neighborh......
Question about Michael Brown leads to beating on train
When one man sat down next to a second man in a St. Louis light rail car late Monday and asked him his opinion on the shooting of Mike Brown in Fergus......
School bus explodes in flames
A bus driver is being hailed as a hero for safely evacuating 35 students from a school bus after it caught fire. Air Canada plane comes off runway
An Air Canada jet came off the runway during its landing early Sunday at an airport in the eastern city of Halifax, officials said. Amanda Knox cleared, but victim's family 'expected more'
As the dust settles after Italy's high court ruled on Friday to overturn the latest guilty verdicts for Amanda Knox, 27, and her former Italian boyfri......
Boko Haram beheaded 23?
Suspected Boko Haram gunmen decapitated 23 people in a raid on Buratai village in northeast Nigeria's Borno state, residents and a politician said Sat......
Actress apologizes over racial claim
Actress Taraji P. Henson apologized Friday for claiming her son was racially profiled during a traffic stop in Southern California last year.
Former sitcom star arrested
On "Family Matters" we knew him as Eddie Winslow. This week, as inmate 402282. Kentucky escapes Notre Dame to go 38-0, reach Final Four
The rematch didn't quite live up to its billing.
Arab Spring wasn't supposed to turn out like this
It wasn't supposed to turn out like this.
Clinton's lawyer: All emails have been deleted
Hillary Clinton's lawyer says "there are no ... emails" on the personal server she used during her time as secretary of state. Rep. Trey Gowdy subpoen......
Ancient relic's mysterious origins
A Chinese Buddhist statue containing the remains of monk is now at the center of a custody battle. CNN's Azadeh Ansari reports. The name of new 'Walking Dead' series is...
It's official: AMC's "The Walking Dead" companion series has a title. Secrets abound in new 'James Bond' trailer
James Bond's latest mission has been revealed in the first trailer for "SPECTRE" which was released Friday. Front lines of the complicated fight for Tikrit
CNN's Arwa Damon is on the front lines with the Iraqi army as it battles ISIS for the city of Tikrit. What atheists want you to know
Four people who consider themselves atheists answer tough questions about their beliefs. What's 'true' about the cross that killed Jesus?
In July of 2013, the oldest of Jesus relics stories rose again when Turkish archaeologists discovered a stone chest in a 1,350-year-old church that ap......
Is California wine safe to drink?
A lawsuit that's causing panic among drinkers of some California wine starts with a history lesson. Senator wants mandatory church attendance
During a gun bill debate, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen says she supports mandating church attendance. CNN affiliate KTVK reports. New to Netflix, Amazon for April
Spring is in the air and streaming movies, TV shows and specials will be here to further brighten our days. 13 ways to stop drinking soda

This natural wonder should be on everyone's bucket list
You might have seen the photos.
Biggest moments in history in tiny detail
What is it about iconic photographs that captivates our imaginations long after the last tank has rolled into Tiananmen, Titanic set sail, or Apollo 1......
Kate's last appearance before having baby

She doesn't know she's in danger
A study found that distracted teen drivers are four times more likely to cause an accident than previously believed. The story behind the world's most famous photograph

The week in 41 photos

Top photographs by U.S. service members

It's settled: How to pronounce 'GIF'
We can't settle iPhone vs. Android or "Star Wars" vs. "Star Trek" for you. But we can settle another long-running geek debate: Using the power of bikes to change lives
At 74 years old, Marilyn Price still remembers the first time she rode a bike. From stoner to alleged bomber

Sleep better with 6 minutes of bedtime yoga
Sometimes sleep eludes us.
What happens to your body when you skip the gym?
No matter how dedicated you are to fitness, sooner or later, it's going to happen: You're going to skip a workout ... and another ... and another. May......
What nutritionists would order at McDonald's
The scenario goes a little something like this: You're on a long drive, the road ahead is completely bare and your stomach is making noises louder tha......
13 ways to stop drinking soda
You know soda's not exactly good for you—but at the same time, it can be hard to resist. Its sweet taste, pleasant fizz, and energizing jolt often see......
Michelle Obama: My challenge to you
It has been five years since I started Let's Move!, an initiative to address childhood obesity and help all our kids grow up healthy. And as we mark t......
10 of the world's coolest hotel plunge pools

Spring flowers mean winter's almost over
It might be hard to believe, but spring is here. CNN readers shared the proof, along with a few signs that winter is overstaying its welcome in some p......
'Doctor Who': Where are they now?

Eat cereal and live a long time
There's good news for those of you who wake up to a bowl of cereal every morning, especially if your go-to choice is high in fiber. Hidden in that fav......
Sex assault filmed on subway
A man has been charged with first degree aggravated sexual abuse after police say video shows him attacking a sleeping passenger on the subway.
Cheers, tears for U.S. Army convoy in Europe
A convoy of U.S. Army armored vehicles is drawing crowds, cheers and tears as it makes an 1,100-mile journey from the Baltics through Poland and the C......
Namaste in bed: Sleep better with bedtime yoga

Look who's turning 50

Biracial beauty queen called not Japanese enough
Ariana Miyamoto, Japan's biracial Miss Universe contestant, is receiving criticism from some for not being Japanese enough. CNN's Will Ripley reports.......
The disease many doctors aren't diagnosing
Doctors aren't always telling patients they have Alzheimer's. Stigma around the disease may be the reason, but it's detrimental to care and planning. ......
Doctors: Angelina Jolie did the right thing
Angelina Jolie's decision to remove her breasts and ovaries to prevent cancer (as she detailed in today's New York Times op-ed) might sound extreme, b......
Vin Diesel names daughter after Paul Walker
Vin Diesel has been paying tribute to his friend Paul Walker as fans eagerly await the release of "Furious 7." Courtesy

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