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Mission Statement

Correctional Health Services Department provides cost effective, evidence-based, medically necessary, integrated health care to patients in the County jails so they can proceed through the judicial system.

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Maricopa County Correctional Health Services (CHS) provides medically necessary, integrated healthcare to individuals housed in the Maricopa County Jails. Correctional health care is complex and challenging. We serve a population which often has had little or no access to health care. Many individuals come to us in need of care for chronic physical and mental health conditions. Some have not seen a dentist for years, if ever. While waiting to move through the judicial system, they are housed in one of six jails operated by another department. Arresting agencies include Maricopa County, DPS, multiple cities and municipalities. Most of the population in the jails is pre-trial; some are sentenced for one year or less. Every person housed in the Maricopa County jails is our patient.

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Maricopa County Correctional Health Services
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