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Aggregate Mining Operations Zoning District Committee - In cooperation with the State Mine Inspector's Office and various County agencies, the Board reviews issues related to mining operations along the Agua Fria River between the CAP Canal and Grand Avenue.

Air Pollution Hearing Board - Provides input for industry to comply with emissions standards without production loss, reduction of labor force, and/or strained financial conditions.

Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation Board of Directors - (formerly Arizona Diamondbacks Charities) Created as a collaborative effort between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Maricopa County Stadium District. Areas of focus include: homelessness/low-income housing, indigent healthcare and children's programs of all types, including education and youth baseball field development.

Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Local Boards - Provide a uniform, consistent and equitable program for public safety personnel who are regularly assigned hazardous duty in the employment of a political subdivision.

Board of Adjustment - Interprets the zoning ordinance, variances and use permits and can grant variances.

Board of Health - Advises the director of Public Health and makes rules and regulations for the protection and preservation of public health.

Building Code Advisory Board - Determines the suitability of alternate materials or construction methods under the provisions of the Maricopa County Comprehensive Building Safety Code.

Citizens' Audit Advisory Committee - Assists the Board of Supervisors by reviewing the county's financial information, the established systems of internal controls, and the audit process.

Citizen's Transportation Oversight Committee - Facilitates citizen involvement in the decision-making process regarding the Maricopa regional freeway system. (Maricopa is part of the state committee).

Community Development Advisory Committee - Advises on matters concerning the Community Development Block Grant program, including fair housing and housing affordability issues affecting low/moderate income people, and allows for effective involvement of participating cities and towns throughout all stages of the Block Grant program.

Corrections Officers Retirement Plan Local Board (CORP) - Provides a uniform, consistent and equitable program for those eligible corrections officers as defined by the Plan.

Deferred Compensation Committee - Establishes, supervises, and evaluates the investment program for the Maricopa County 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.

Drainage Review Board - Hears requests for variances to the Drainage Regulations for Maricopa County and appeals from interpretations made by the Drainage Administrator.

Employees' Suggestion Merit Award Board - Supervises the Suggestion Program and provides an incentive in generating ideas in cost reduction through increased efficiency and productivity, improved procedures, and the elimination of duplication and waste.

Flood Control District Citizens' Advisory Board - Advises the Board of Directors of the Flood Control District on matters pertaining to flood control, drainage, water conservation, and related matters.

Housing Authority of Maricopa County Advisory Committee Provides recommendations to the Executive Director and the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of Maricopa County. 

Industrial Development Authority Board of Directors - Assists in the financing of commercial and industrial enterprises; safe, sanitary, and affordable housing; and healthcare facilities through the issuance of multiple revenue bonds.

Legislative Governmental Mall Commission- Develops and promotes a common master plan for the Governmental Mall by meeting with major stakeholders and acting as a catalyst to solve problems and promote site improvements in the Mall area.

Library District Citizens' Advisory Committee - Advises the Board of Directors of the Library District and acts as a liaison between the community and the library administration.

Maricopa County Workforce Development Board - Provides guidance and oversight of activities under the Job Training Law and Job Training plan for Maricopa County Service Delivery Area in partnership with the Board of Supervisors and Human Services Dept.

Maricopa County Agricultural Extension Board - Advises the County Extension Director and the Extension faculty on community needs to make science useful for people in their everyday lives. 

Merit System Commissions - Hears appeals from covered, permanent status employees regarding their dismissal, suspension or demotion.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission - Advises the Board of Supervisors on matters pertaining to parks and recreation.

Planning and Zoning Commission - Makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on rezoning applications, amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, master plans and comprehensive plans. The Commission may approve preliminary plats, grant requests for initiative or rezoning applications and accept status reports on Special Use Permits.

Ryan White Part A Planning Council - Establishes priorities for the allocation of federal funds for HIV positive individuals, develops a comprehensive plan for delivery of health services, participates in the development of a statewide statement of need, and monitors operating procedures.

Self-Insured Benefits Trust Fund Board of Trustees - Administers the Maricopa County Benefits Trust for the purpose of administering, staffing, managing, and funding the Health and Welfare Benefits Program.

Self-Insured Risk Trust Fund Board of Trustees - Administers the Maricopa County Self-Insured Risk Trust Fund for direct payment of benefits, losses and/or claims. 

State Board of Equalization - Reviews appeals regarding property valuations or classifications pursuant to A.R.S 42-16153 and A.R.S 42-16168 and related statutes. (Seasonal hearings).

Transportation Advisory Board - Supports comprehensive transportation planning and supports the continued safety and maintenance of the County Transportation System: reviews and recommends the CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) to implement Board of Supervisors' transportation goals.

Travel Reduction Program Regional Task Force - Designs the framework for the implementation of employer alternativemode transportation plans to insure they are reasonable and effective in meeting the goals set forth by the legislature, and fairly applied to all participating employers.

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For general information about County Boards and Commissions, contact the Clerk of the Board at Clerk_Board@mail.maricopa.gov or by calling (602) 506-3766.