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Dust Control Training

If you are involved in a Dust Generating Operation, you are subject to rule 310. The following are some examples of dust generating activities; Construction, earthmoving, bulk material handling. See complete list from 310 rule located here.

If your work involves processing nonmetallic minerals you are subject to rule 316. The following are some examples of rock product processing; crushing, screening, bagging, asphalt, concrete. See complete list from rule 316 located here.

  Water Truck
Water-Pull Drivers

(Any site)
Site Superintendent or
Designated On-site

(Site > 1 acre disturbed
surface area, but < 5 acres)
Dust Control
Fugitive Technician

(Site1 ≥ 5 acres
disturbed surface area)
*or > 25 tons material/ HR
Requirement for
310 sites
310 Basic*
316 Basic
310 Basic* 310 Comprehensive
Requirement for
316 sites
316 Basic 316 Basic 316 Comprehensive*

Dust Control Training Scenarios:

  • If I am a construction water truck driver, I need to take the 310 basic training. If not able to enroll in 310 basic class, then 316 basic class can be substituted.
  • If I am a construction superintendent, I need 310 basic or comprehensive training delineated in the above chart.
  • If I am a water truck driver on 316 sites, I need 316 basic training.
  • If I am a sand & gravel, asphalt or concrete plan site superintendent, I need 316 basic or comprehensive training delineated in the above chart.

Basic Rule 310 Dust Control Training Now Available Online

Maricopa County Air Quality Department now offers Basic Rule 310 Dust Control classes online. This new training option is available for both, new trainee certification and recertification. Please call 602-372-1467 to sign up for the appropriate class.

General FAQs:

Q: If I lost my ID, how do I request a new one?
A: Call (602) 506-6010

Q: How do I know when to sign up to get recertified?
A: Check your certification card/certificate for expiration date and make arrangements to sign up for a class at least a month or two before expiration. For class schedules and Training FAQ’s, please review the links below:

Rule 310 Training

Rule 310 Training FAQs

Rule 316 Training

Rule 316 Training FAQs

Photo Identification Forms

If you have any questions regarding dust control training, please call (602) 506-6010, Option 4