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County Press Pass Registration

  1. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By signing this application for a Maricopa County Press Pass, I certify that I am a journalist without a conflict of interest or association that would compromise my journalistic integrity. 

    Further, I do not receive compensation or special treatment from advertisers or political organizations that would influence my coverage related to Maricopa County or its elections. 

    I am not a lobbyist, advertiser, paid advocate or influencer for any individual, political party, corporation, or organization.

  2. Important Note:

    Please allow at least three days before an event for pass approval.  Passes must be picked up in person at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Elections Center,  510 S. 3rd Ave. Phoenix AZ 85003

    Be prepared to show a valid driver license, state ID, or passport to receive credentials.

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