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Community Event Request

  1. (how do you envision supporting MCACC’s mission and vision)?

  2. What activities would you like MCACC to support at your event?
  3. Is this the first year for this event?
  4. Where would you like to host this event? *
  5. Will MCACC be the sole pet adoption organization at this event?
  6. Will there be owned pets at this event?
  7. Are there any restrictions to dog breed types at this event?
  8. Are there restrictions related to pet adoption fees at this event?
  9. MCACC provides same-day adoptions at most events. Are there restrictions to participants taking their adopted pets home on the day of the event?
  10. (this individual will be considered the lead representative for the event)

  11. Must be a minimum of 45 days from today.

  12. Must be a minimum of 45 days from today.
  13. Must be a minimum of 45 days from today.

  14. Is this a recurring event?
  15. Do you anticipate children at this event?
  16. Reminder
    Our events team meets every two weeks to review all completed submissions. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please that during extreme weather events the event will be cancelled unless alternative accommodations are made in advance.
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