What are the main sources of lead?

Possible sources of lead contamination:

  •    Old Paint - Lead-based paint is most often found in homes built before 1978.
  •    Lead Dust - Harmful, invisible dust is created when windows, doors, edges of stairs, rails or other surfaces with lead-based paint wear down from repeated friction, such as opening or closing windows or doors.
  •    Soil - Soil surrounding homes may be contaminated from chipping or flaking exterior lead-based paint.
  •    Drinking Water - Lead pipes in homes before 1930 are likely to contain lead, which is released into drinking water as it passes through the old pipes.
  •    Food - Lead can leach into food or drinks, which are stored in imported ceramic dishes or pottery.
  •    Workplace Exposure - Parents who work in lead-related industries (namely painting, automotive, or recycling industries) or use lead for hobbies (such as for stained glass windows).
  •    Home Remedies - Azarcon, greta, or pay-loo-ah.
  •    Cosmetics - Kohl and Kajal.

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