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Rise in murders may depend on where you live
Data, used to determine police staffing, show a rise in killings in some U.S. cities and a decline in others. Bill to allow guns on campus awaits Texas governor's signature
The Texas Legislature has voted to allow guns within buildings on public college campuses throughout the state. NSA now needs a warrant for your phone data
The Senate approved on Tuesday a bill to reform NSA domestic surveillance programs, ending a drawn-out showdown on Capitol Hill that saw counterterror......
Huckabee: I wish I could've identified as female in gym class
Mike Huckabee says there's a time he wishes he could've been transgender: When it was time to hit the high school showers. Man tied to extremists killed in Boston
The man, who was wielding a knife, was part of a broader terror investigation, officials say. FULL STORY Twister flips ship; 400 missing
Rescuers are tapping the hull, hoping to hear a response from inside the overturned ship. FULL STORY 4 hurt in roller coaster crash
A roller coaster car collided with an empty car Tuesday at a UK theme park, leaving four people with serious injuries, officials said. Officials: Victim's blood on shoe
First, DNA on a pizza crust led authorities to the man they accuse of killing three members of a prominent Washington family and their housekeeper. No......
Lion kills U.S. woman on safari
A U.S. woman on a safari outside Johannesburg was attacked and killed by a lion Monday. FIFA chief resigns amid scandal
"FIFA needs a profound overhaul," Blatter said, but the head of world soccer's governing body won't go until fresh elections are organized. FULL STORY......
Secret death rate for infants at hospital
She was only 7 weeks old, weighed a mere 10 pounds, and had just had delicate surgery to widen a narrowing in her aorta, the vessel that carries blood......
Center-court scare for fans at French Open
Roger Federer had admitted pondering what it would be like to win the French Open this year. He also knew, ahead of his quarterfinal against good frie......
Officers thrown back from exploding car
A man allegedly sets fire to a car in Austin, Texas, injuring two police officers and himself. 70 unforgettable moments from the 1970s
The '70s may have been many things, but boring sure wasn't one of them. Check out 70 of the most unforgettable images of the decade. Lead in 'Harry Potter' spinoff film has been cast
First there was Daniel Radcliffe, and now there is Eddie Redmayne. Why teens search Internet for health advice
What's happening to my body?
The spouse most likely to cheat is ...
Men who are economically dependent on their spouses are three times more at risk for cheating than women married to male breadwinners, according to a ......
With Blatter gone, can FIFA be cleaned up?
The one thing that FIFA may have already learned from the scandal that rocked its luxury hotel doors in Switzerland last week? Image is everything. <......
One way to lower drug prices
Prescription drug prices are soaring, as exemplified by pharmaceutical giant Gilead's $1,000-per-pill hepatitis C drug, Sovaldi. High prices for drugs......
What headscarf ruling reveals about America
Consider some differences between Europe and the United States on freedom of religion and free speech: In parts of Europe, it's illegal for a Muslim w......
Time to end Israel's impunity
Last summer, while visiting our family in Shuafat, a neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, my son Tariq was chased, zip-tied, and beaten unconsciou......
Obama ex-aide: Rove is right
This is something I don't find myself saying very often: I agree with Karl Rove. What a shot! 39 amazing sports photos

'Wolves of the sea': Vanishing fishermen
"Wolves of the sea" isn't the friendliest of nicknames, but the weather-beaten fishermen who ply the blue waters around the Greek island of Paros are ......
What's glowing on Ceres?

The week in 39 photos

Let's be honest about Caitlyn Jenner

Messages behind her name, look
Experts say Caitlyn Jenner is sending clear messages about her new identity with her choice of wardrobe and even her name. No more Bruce: Meet Caitlyn Jenner
She has finally made her debut.
Did her image unsettle you?
By now you've seen Caitlyn (nee Bruce) Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair. You'll find the portrait stunning: either because it is a beautiful portrai......
What can U.S. do about ISIS?
As ISIS expands its territory and continues to commit bloody atrocities, CNN counterterrorism analyst and former CIA official Philip Mudd has been fol......
Tears at hearing on U.S. detainees
The families of four Americans imprisoned or missing in Iran went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to plead for the safe return of their loved ones, just as......
McCain to Graham: Get to NH
New presidential candidate Lindsey Graham may be flirting with invisibility in national opinion polls, but that won't matter in New Hampshire, he said......
Anthrax sent to Pentagon, too?
The Pentagon is now investigating whether live anthrax was brought into the Pentagon building itself, CNN has learned exclusively. Walker: I know Florida
Scott Walker wants people to know that he has been everywhere, man. Well, at least in Florida. WWI heroes receive Medal of Honor
Two WWI veterans, Sgt. William Shemin and Private Henry Johnson, were honored posthumously with the Medal of Honor. Obama to give Beau Biden eulogy
President Barack Obama will remember Beau Biden, the late son of Vice President Joe Biden, during a funeral Mass in Delaware on Saturday, the White Ho......
Poll: New speed bumps for Clinton
More people have an unfavorable view of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton now than at any time since 2001, according to a new CNN/ORC poll on th......
Are post-9/11 politics shifting?
Rand Paul has made his point: the sands are shifting in Washington's perennial debate over the balance between national security and privacy.
First annual White House Mapathon
The first ever White House Mapathon took place on May 21st, and #GOTUS was there live and in-person! Obama ex-aide: Rove is right
This is something I don't find myself saying very often: I agree with Karl Rove. A bachelor president in U.S.?
Lindsey Graham is aiming to buck 130 years of tradition.
120,000 antelopes die in 10 days; no one's sure why
A third of the world's Saiga antelope population has died in recent days. Experts say it could be a multitude of factors that's killing this criticall......
Muslim woman claims discrimination on United flight
Tahera Ahmad was stunned by a flight attendant's response to her request for an unopened can of Diet Coke on a United Airlines flight. 'San Andreas': Fact or fiction?
Earthquake blockbuster shakes up the box office, but CNN's Jeanne Moos asks how "San Andreas" measures on the accuracy scale. Dad gets $7,800 bill after reuniting with daughter
A father was surprised to learn he owed thousands of dollars in retroactive parental fees after he reunited with his 18-year-old daughter. CNN affilia......
Painting a 'human canvas'
Our surroundings in domestic life and daily routines can comfort us, providing stability and consistency amid the chaos of our busy lives. Rarely seen images of China's railways

Surfer paints waterfront murals

Soaring above deserts on a 'leaf blower'
Several years ago, in Gadhafi-controlled Libya, George Steinmetz found himself hidden in a kind of "safe house" where he was assembling his personal a......
And the most fashionable Americans are...

Men, follow these first date fashion rules
It's easy to spot Bodhi walking down New York's Madison Avenue. He has a knack for looking fabulous in just about anything a well-dressed man would we......
World's Best Restaurant award goes to ...
El Celler de Can Roca of Spain wins top prize at San Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants awards New 'Fifty Shades' book: Christian's perspective
What's the perfect gift for fans still all tied up in "Fifty Shades of Grey"? A new book, of course. Mariah Carey: 'Worst experience of my life'

The great umbilical cord-cutting debate

Sweden extends paid paternity leave
The Swedish government is about to take another step towards equalizing parental leave. 10 things you're eating wrong
Even if you eat plenty of fruits and veggies and already know about the latest and greatest superfoods on the market, that's only half the battle. The......
Fast food vs. healthy diet
Next time you are trying to decide what's for dinner, consider that you are eating for two. You and your gut microbiome. 'Ugly' vegetables: Trendy and tasty
Move over, kale. Americans are expanding their veggie horizons. 2015 is the year of the warty, hunchbacked and spiney. 6 proven ways to quit smoking
For more than 50 years we've known that smoking can kill you. Mary Ellen Mark's prom portraits

Russian jet zooms near U.S. Navy destroyer
The U.S. Navy released video of a Russian Su-24 aircraft flying past the USS Ross in the Black Sea. Paris breaks up with 'love locks' on bridge

NASA is indeed testing a flying saucer
Keep an eye on the skies over Hawaii on Wednesday. If all goes to plan, NASA will be testing out a saucer-shaped craft that could hold the key to a fu......
Airborne car crash caught on camera
A man is in serious condition after his car flew through the air and crashed into an auto-repair shop. The incident was captured on surveillance camer......
Soccer pros apologize after report of racist orgy
Three Leicester City players apologized Sunday after a video surfaced that reportedly shows them participating in a racist orgy in Thailand.
NASA is indeed testing a flying saucer
Keep an eye on the skies over Hawaii on Wednesday. If all goes to plan, NASA will be testing out a saucer-shaped craft that could hold the key to a fu......
Ad shows loyal dog wait for owner until ...
See this new video released by the Argentinian Liver Transplant Foundation about organ donation that's going viral abroad. Here's the world's largest photo
An international team of photographers has published what they say is the world's largest photo, a panoramic shot of Europe's Mont Blanc that measures......

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