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MISSION: The Commission shall act in an advisory role to the Board of Supervisors on matters
pertaining to parks and recreation. The concept of a recreational program, set forth by the National Recreation Association in a survey made shortly after the Commissions formation, indicated that the County Parks Department could best serve the people of Maricopa County by providing a regional park system, leaving the responsibility for organized neighborhood recreation to the various communities in which the neighborhood might be located.


Denise Merdon
District 1
Jack Stapley 
Jack Stapley
District 2
Anne Lynch 
Anne Lynch
District 3


Dr. Robert Branch
District 4
Devin Del Palacio
District 5


Rodney Q. Jarvis
Carlton Yoshioka



MEETINGS: Regular meetings are held monthly (no meeting in June or December) with a new schedule set at the beginning of every calendar year. The meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. in the 234 N. Central Avenue, Suite 6400, Phoenix, AZ. unless otherwise posted at


LIAISON: Donna Southard, Parks and Recreation, (602) 506-8778


COMPOSITION: A.R.S. § 11-934 D : If the county board of supervisors elects to supervise and control county parks and recreation programs, the board of supervisors shall appoint a parks and recreation advisory commission to advise the board in matters relating to county parks and recreation programs.

DUTIES AND POWERS: A.R.S. § 11-935 A: "The commission shall supervise and control all county parks and all county recreational programs and establish and supervise law enforcement training programs for park rangers empowered to apprehend rule violators under section 11-938. B. The commission may:

1. Direct the appointment of a full or part-time supervisor of county parks and recreational programs at a salary to be fixed by the governing body.

2. Make reasonable rules for the proper use, management, government and protection of, and maintenance of good order in, all public parks under its supervision and control, but the rules shall be related to preservation of public property, natural features and curiosities, or preservation of public health and safety in the parks and recreational areas. 3. Prescribe fees to be paid for the use of public parks facilities, which shall not be in excess of the amount required to improve and maintain the parks. These fees shall be approved by the governing body. 4. Establish broad policies and long-range programs for the acquisition, planning, development, maintenance and operation of the county parks. 5. Provide for the assembling and distribution of information to the public relating to programs and activities of the department. 6. Appoint any of its officers or employees as park ranger law enforcement officers. An appointee must meet the minimum qualifications prescribed pursuant to section 41-1822 for law enforcement officers. Park ranger law enforcement officers have the authority of peace officers and their duties shall include: (a) Enforcing this article and the rules adopted pursuant to this article. (b) Protecting the parks and recreational areas and other public areas under the commission's supervision and control against damage. (c) Preserving the peace and public health and safety."