Client Services

Our Model

Our office utilizes an integrated defense model where each client's individual needs is at the center of all we do. Each case is staffed by not only an attorney, but in many cases an investigator, mitigation specialist, law clerk, paralegal, and an initial services person to receive the most comprehensive defense possible.

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  1. Attorneys
  2. Investigators
  3. Mitigation Specialists
  4. Law Clerks
  5. Paralegals
  6. Initial Services

Attorneys are the lead on every criminal case and ensure that the scales of justice are balanced. They appear on a client's behalf in court, strategize with the other team members regarding the best approach in the case, get to know the client and his or her specific life situation, review evidence, visit in custody clients in jail, and file motions, deviation requests, and memos. Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds and experiences, bringing their own strengths to each client’s case.

We also have attorneys who dedicate their work to certain types of cases. These focused areas include:

  • Capital (death penalty) cases
  • Major fraud
  • Sex crimes
  • Vehicular
  • Probation Violation
  • Justice Courts
  • Juveniles tried as adults
  • Mental Health
  • Appeals
  • Early Disposition Courts
  • Trial Group
  • Therapeutic Courts