Claims Division

The Risk Management Claims Division investigates and evaluates all claims filed against Maricopa County Risk Trust to obtain the most favorable result possible for Maricopa County and its citizens.

We are committed to fairly and reasonably settling claims owed while vigorously defending claims without merit.

Maricopa County has been self-insured for its workers compensation, public liability, auto physical damage, medical malpractice, environmental physical damage and environmental liability losses. Public liability includes general liability, automobile liability and professional liability. In addition, the County maintains a high deductible insurance policy for its property exposures.

Links to Maricopa County's Claim Forms

Risk Management continually enhances its claim processes and procedures, and provides training and education to Maricopa County departments.
*This form must be printed and delivered to the address listed on the form

If your claim is in regards to a road condition, complete the Road Condition Supplement and mail it in with your Notice of Claim form.
Notice of Claim