Weather Outlook

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Date & Time: 03/16/2018 11:00 AM MST

Forecaster: Waters, S.



Today: High passing clouds and remnant cooling from yesterday’s storm will keep us at near-normal temperatures.  The northern zones will see highs in the upper 60s, with Phoenix, Tonopah and Gila Bend in the mid-70s.  Breezes will in general remain below 15 mph.

Tonight: Seasonal lows ranging from the middle 40s in the north to right at 50 in the central, western and southern zones.

Tomorrow: Daytime highs will cool a couple of degrees as a storm approaches from the west.  Northern zones will top out at 65 with 72 degrees for our central and southern locations.  Partly cloudy skies will transition to cloudy by afternoon and rain chances begin around 7:00 PM, lasting through 7:00 AM Sunday.  Southwestern zones have the potential to pick up a tenth of an inch, with a quarter inch possible in the western and central zones, and ½ inch across the northern County.

Sunday: Mostly sunny skies but cooled air remains.  Highs will reach about 60 in the northern zones and the upper 60s elsewhere. 



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