Weather Outlook

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Date & Time: 02/16/2018 11:00 AM MST

Forecaster: Waters, S.


Today – cloudy skies remain post-storm with mild temperatures and winds.  Highs will reach the mid-60s in the northern zones with the central, western and southern zones topping out right at 70.  Overnight skies will clear leading to mostly sunny skies by the AM, with lows from the mid-40s north to around 50 in the central Valley and Gila Bend.  Sunday temperatures will be nearly identical the Saturday, but breezes will pick up in zones outside the urban core as another storm approaches giving mainly the northern zones a slight chance for rain Sunday night into Monday.

Note to ALERT data users/viewers: You may have noticed a change to some of our ALERT station and sensor ID numbers.  This is due to conformance with national and state standards for stations transmitting in the ALERT2 format, to which we have converted over the past couple of years.  As we transition to this new numbering scheme you will notice that all FCDMC ALERT stations will be identified by 5-digit numbers starting with “50”.  Other AZ counties will use 51, 52, etc., so that on statewide maps an ALERT station owner can be identified by their 2-digit prefix.  The last 3-digits can range from 000-999 and represent individual transmitting stations.  Sensor ID numbers will include the 3-digit suffix plus a 2-digit ID representing the sensor type.  Here’s an example: “Granite Reef Wash” in Scottsdale used to have a station ID of 4725, a rain ID of 4725, and a water-level ID of 4728.  Its new IDs are 50575 for the station, 57500 for the rain gage, and 57507 for the water-level sensor.

To see the old vs. new ID assignments view this spreadsheet:

To see how the transition is progressing, view: or


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