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Date & Time: 08/20/2017 8:47 AM MST

Forecaster: Henz, D.


Today’s the big day to catch the solar eclipse. The event will begin around 9am this morning before peaking by 10:33am and concluding at 12pm. The moon will cover around 65% of the sun during the peak of the event as viewed from the Phoenix Valley. Moving on to the forecast, minor changes to the pattern should bring a general downtrend in storm chances for our area into Tuesday as slightly drier air filters into the southern half of the state. Heading into mid-week, a cutoff disturbance to our west is forecast to move inland and across northern AZ by Thursday. With the Monsoon ridge to our southeast, resulting southerly steering flow should bring deeper moisture into the region and greater chances for storm activity across southcentral AZ.

For today plan on lingering pockets of clouds before mainly sunny skies the rest of the day. Cloud cover shouldn’t have any effect on viewing the solar eclipse around the Phoenix Valley later this morning. Afternoon temperatures will warm into the 101˚F-103˚F range around the Valley with upper 90s across foothill locales. Light and variable will generally remain in the 3-8mph range with localized evening gusts around 10-15mph. Limited moisture/instability combined with southwesterly steering flow should keep most if not all storm activity relegated to higher terrain of central and northern AZ. Overnight lows will dip into the 80s under clear skies and light winds.

For tomorrow plan on another quiet day with plenty of sun. Daytime highs will warm a few degrees into the 103˚F-105˚F range around the Valley. Light and variable winds will generally remain in the 3-7mph range with localized gusts around 10-15mph into the evening. Similar to today, unfavorable steering flow and limited moisture will preclude t-storm chances around the County. Heading into Wednesday, changes to the pattern should allow for a return to more south/southeasterly flow along with greater moisture advection into the region. Thus, will likely need to reintroduce t-storm chances around the region lasting into Thursday morning.

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