Weather Outlook

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Date & Time: 05/29/2020 10:50 AM MST

Forecaster:  Waters, S.
High pressure continues to dominate our weather today giving us mostly sunny skies and warmer than normal temperatures. Highs today will range from 108 for the northern zones to around 112 in Phoenix and Gila Bend. It is and will remain breezy today with gusts of 15-20 mph for most areas. A wee bit of moisture has moved into eastern AZ where storms are currently developing over Mt. Baldy, the San Francisco Peaks and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We could see storms to our near-east and maybe some gusty outflows in the evening hours, but no measureable rain is expected for any of our Forecast Zones.

Overnight lows will range from the middle 70s north to just over 80 in the Central City. Tomorrow the breezes will diminish along with a drop of 2-4 degrees in temperature under mostly sunny skies. Storm formation will again be limited to areas east of us, with the possibility of attendant outflow winds. Sunday skies will be sunny, breezes light and temperatures very close to those for Saturday, i.e. 105 or so for the northern zones and 107-109 for the lower-desert zones. Temperatures look to begin dropping substantially on Tuesday and through the work week.

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