Property Management

Auctions, Sales, & Leases

The Maricopa County Real Estate Department  is responsible for auctioning excess land owned by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (District) and the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT). "Excess land" is land which was acquired as part of a project and is no longer needed by that Department. Sign up for email updates.


Prior to being made available for auction, the following department requirements must be met.
  • The parcel must be classified as excess by the District or MCDOT and subsequently declared excess by the District's or MCDOT's Board.
  • An appraisal (see below) of the excess land by an independent third party appraiser will establish the value. The appraised value is the required minimum bid at auction.
  • A public legal notice will be posted for at least thirty (30) days prior to auction.
  • Excess land will be sold via public auction, or to another governmental entity without auction.

Excess Land Auction Process

  1. Step 1: Auction Request Form
  2. Step 2: Appraisal
  3. Step 3: Bid Package
  4. Step 4: Auction Day
  5. Step 5: Finalize Purchase

Auction Request Form

Download the form. Prospective buyers need to submit the form to Property Management.

Scheduled Land Auctions (Real Property)

Name Date/Time Parcel #
Acres Location
MCDOT near Westwing
Updated Title Report (no changes)
& Tax Sheet (SOLD)
Dec 14, 2017
1:00 PM
X-0277-EX 503-53-025J
75.2098 +/- Loop 303 and Hatfield Rd

For the list below, in the "Area" column:

  1. C = Central
  2. NC = Northcentral
  3. SE = Southeast
  4. NE = Northeast
  5. SW = Southwest
  6. NW = Northwest

Scheduled Personal Property Auctions

Upcoming Auctions
Nothing scheduled yet

Notice of Proposed Lease

Per 48-3603 the Flood Control District of Maricopa County hereby gives notice of proposed lease(s) on District property, listed below. If interested in this location for easement or other use, please contact Property Management at to discuss your request within this legal notice’s fifteen (15) day posting timeline. Alternatively, you may submit a “Request for Public Auction” form found on this page.
There are none at this time

Available for Sale

Area Location APN #
Acres +/-
Zoning Parcel #
West of 17th Ave, South of Maddock Rd
211-51-003D 1.22 +/-
RU-43 MC
C NW Corner of 15th Ave & Maddock Rd
211-51-053M 2.72 +/-
RU-43 MC
C 35th & Vogel Avenues
149-36-466 0.14 +/-
R1-6 Phx
C 32nd Street, South of McDowell Rd
121-07-132 0.14+/- R1-6 Phx FP-045-EX
NC 35613 N Central Ave 211-53-065A
1.31+/- RU-43 MC FP-016-EX
NC West side of 12th St, South of Jenny Lin Rd
202-20-453 4.90+/- RU-43 MC FP-007-EX
NC East of Wagon Wheel Ln, South of New River Rd 202-11-020E 3.005 RU-43 MC FP-054-EX
NC East of Wagon Wheel Ln, South of New River Rd 202-11-020F 1 RU-43 MC FP-005-EX
NC East of Wagon Wheel Ln, South of New River Rd 202-11-023C 2.57 RU-43 MC FP-047-EX
NC East of 33rd Ave, South of New River Rd 202-11-011B, 202-11-024 & 202-11-025C 2.5 RU-43 MC FP-029-EX1, -EX2 & EX3
NC East of 33rd Ave, South of New River Rd 202-11-025E 1.5 RU-43 MC FP-001-EX
NW SW corner Happy Valley Pkwy & 115th Ave Por of 201-21-048A 4.06+/- RU-43 MC X-0270-EX1
NW Southeast corner Happy Valley Pkwy & 115th Ave Por of 201-21-048A 1.71+/- RU-43 MC X-0270-EX2
NW West of 109th Ave,  South of Happy Valley Rd Por of 201-21-002J 5.86+/- RU-43 MC X-0264-EX
NW 115th Avenue, North of Happy Valley Road 201-21-042A 3.25+/- RU-43 MC X-0298-EX
NW North of Loop 303 West of El Mirage Rd
503-53-015C & 018C 159.63+/- RU-43 MC X-0274-EX
NW South of Loop 303 West of El Mirage Rd 503-53-015D & 018D 43.56+/- RU-43 MC X-0275-EX
NW 54th Ave & Wescott Dr 200-25-161C 0.83+/- A-1 Glendale K-62-1EX-1
SE NE of NE corner of 43rd Ave & Baseline Rd 105-89-010P 6.59 +/- AG, Phx SPL-025B-EX1
SW SE corner Siesta Way & 351st Avenue Por of 401-42-269B
1.02+/- RU-43 MC A006.001-EX
SW NE corner 99th & Meadowbrook Aves Not Assessed 0.23+/- RU-43 Phx X-0213-EX
SW South of MC85,  West of Agua Fria River Por of 500-41-005B
3.36+/- R1-6 Avondale MI-1N1W-14
NW NE corner of 47th Ave & Pinnacle Peak Rd. 205-12-144 thru -151 8.641+/- S-1, Ranch or Farm (City of Phoenix) P-2271-EX

The Departments determine the timing of sales at their sole discretion.