Cases We Handle

Areas of Practice

The Office of the Legal Defender has three areas of practice:

How to Get a Legal Defender to Represent You

The Office of the Legal Defender is a government office of court appointed counsel enabled by statute to represent indigent defendants. The office takes cases by assignment from the Court. The office is not permitted to take private clients or assume representation of a client without appointment by the Court.
  1. Criminal

    Learn more about the criminal area of practice of the Legal Defender of Maricopa County.

  2. Juvenile / Dependency

    The Maricopa County Office of the Legal Defender serves as court appointed counsel for indigent parents in Dependency and Severance cases. The Office provides representation for the parents from the beginning of the court action through family reunification or guardianship/termination.

  3. Appeals

    The Mental Health Appeals Department handles those civil cases that have been heard by a probate judge in Superior Court where involuntary psychiatric treatment has been ordered and the patient wishes to appeal from that ruling. These cases are reviewed by our office for error, briefed, and filed with the Arizona Court of Appeals.