Continuously Operating Reference Station


Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) operates and maintenances one Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) called AZBK. The raw (or static) data can be found on the National Geodectic Survey's website.

In addition to collection and storing static GNSS data we also broadcast live correction streams to Real Time Kinematic operations. The following information is supplied to help you connect;
Latitude: 33° 22 feet10.36096 inches
Longitude: 112° 37 feet 12.37488 inches
Height: 243.6800 meters
Datum: NAD83-2011 (Epoch 2010)

IP address:
Port: 29000
Broadcast Format: CMR+

IP address:
Port: 29001
Broadcast Format: RT1

IP address:
Port: 29002
Broadcast Format: RTCM V2.3
NTRIP Disabled. No username and password needed.