Survey Resource Guide

MCDOT Surveying Information Resource Guide

There are basically 3 areas where MCDOT contains useful surveying information depending on what you are looking for.
  • As-Built Information
  • Right of Way Information
  • MCDOT Survey Section Information

Survey Section

The "Survey Section" at MCDOT performs approximately 5 to 20% of the survey work on the total roads in MCDOT's capital improvement budget in a given year. The rest of the work is performed by consultants/contractors. The survey information obtained by the consultants/contractors should be reflected in the "As-Built" and "Right of Way" information.

Include Information in Email

When contacting us, please make sure you include the following:
  • The particular road you are seeking information on and from which road to which road
  • The Township, Range and Section(s)
  • All of your contact information

How to Obtain

  • "As-Built" information. This can be obtained through our customer services / front desk here at MCDOT. You can either:
    Call: 602-506-2895
    2901 W Durango
    Phoenix, AZ 85009
  • "Right of Way" information
    Contact the MCDOT front desk at 602.506.8600 and they will route your inquiry to the appropriate Department.
  • "Survey" information
    MCDOT survey information generally consists of the background notes and information used to facilitate a right of way or construction project, with a few very big exceptions (see below). In theory, all the pertinent information from the survey should make it to the right of way drawings and/or as built drawings but this is not always the case. Sometimes there is useful information found in the field notes but not always.

    If you are interested in a particular area or street. Please provide the above information via email to Brian Dalager.

Exceptions / Additional Information

The GDACS (Geodetic Densification and Cadastral Survey) project:
MCDOT is resurveying and reestablished nearly 10,000 section and quarter section corners throughout the county. For more information regarding the project please contact Brian Dalager RLS.

The Plat Index

The Plat Index site contains all of the recorded plats in Maricopa County and a significant number of unrecorded plats and documents.

Corner Tie/Records Index

The Corner Tie / Records Index contains a vast majority of the Corner Records filed at the Maricopa Recorders Office in addition to old APS, MCDOT and SRP index cards used to reference public land corners.