Apply for an Appeal / Interpretation

Why to File an Appeal / Interpretation

You may take an Appeal to the Floodplain Review Board for the following:

  • A dispute between an appellant and District if the meaning of a word, phrase, or section of the Floodplain Regulations is in doubt, or if the location of a flood way or floodplain is in doubt.
  • An applicant may file an appeal challenging a denial of a permit.
  • An applicant may file an appeal to challenge a final decision of the District based on the results of an inspection.
View the steps of the Floodplain Review Board Process page.

Documentation Required for Submittal - Appeals & Interpretations

  1. Completed Application form and supplemental information to include:
    • Name and address of the person requesting the interpretation.
    • The regulation and section (example: Section 403.A.5) that requires clarification.
    • Any facts relevant to the requested interpretation.
    • The person's proposed interpretation of the applicable regulation.
    • An accurate plot/site plan and description of the property involved.
    • Description of proposed use.
    • Finished floor elevations and estimate of the value of use.
    • Additional information can be provided as needed.
    • District staff may require clarification or additional information after reviewing the submittal.
    • View the Appeal / Interpretation Application Form (PDF).
  2. The application must be signed by the property owner or if an owner wishes to grant an agent, contractor, or consultant authority to make decisions on their behalf, the owner must submit a notarized Property Owner Authorization Form (PDF).
  3. Submit one (1) copy to the District of the application form, supplemental information, other documentation you feel is needed to justify your request for appeal or interpretation, and payment (as applicable). You may submit these required materials in hard copy or electronically via email.


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