Apply for a Variance

Generally, Variances may be granted only if special circumstances, such as size, shape, topography, location or surroundings of the property, would cause the strict application of the Regulations to deprive the property of privileges enjoyed by similar property in the floodplain.

Reasons for a Variance to Be Issued

Variances may be issued for the repair, rehabilitation, or restoration of structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the State Inventory of Historic Places, upon a determination that the proposed repair or rehabilitation will not preclude the structures' continued designation as a historic structure and the variance is the minimum necessary to preserve the historic character and design of the structure.

Variances shall only be issued upon showing that the use cannot perform its intended purpose unless it is located or carried out in close proximity to water. This includes only facilities defined in Section 205 of the Floodplain Regulations in the definition of "Functionally Dependent Use."

View the steps in the process on our Floodplain Review Board Process page.

Documentation Required for Submittal - Variance

  1. Completed Application form and supplemental information to include:
  2. The application must be signed by the property owner or if an owner wishes to grant an agent, contractor, or consultant authority to make decisions on their behalf, the owner must submit a notarized Property Owner Authorization Form (PDF).
  3. Applicant shall submit one (1) copy to the District of the application, responses to requirements, other documentation you feel is needed to justify your request for a variance, and payment (as applicable). You may submit these required materials in hard copy or electronically via email.


Variance Fees (Floodplain Administrator, Floodplain Review Board, or Board of Directors)
Continuance of Hearing – Applicants Request $50
New Posting Required $170
Pre-Application Meeting $0
Residential / Commercial / Industrial (Posting Required) $2,600