6-12 Online Class

Online Air Quality Class: Grades 6-12

Welcome to the Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) online air quality class designed for independent home learning. Take a deep breath in and feel your lungs expand with air. On average, we breathe in eight to ten liters of air every minute! Clean air is as necessary for life as clean water, but we typically don’t think about the invisible ocean of air that surrounds us. Neither do we think about harmful substances that are added to our air every day.

In this class, you will explore the air that you breathe. You will learn how air pollution is defined and measured from air quality experts, create a simple particle pollution collector, and investigate air pollution sources in your local community. At the end of the course, you will use everything you’ve learned to solve an air pollution mystery. Scroll down the page and click on Module One. Let’s get started!

Information for Educators

This course was designed with the 5E model in mind and is organized into five modules that students can access online. This course is completely student directed and has been designed for students to complete at home. All documents included in this course are fillable PDF forms that can be downloaded and saved electronically or printed and physically completed.

View the Educator Guide to see a sample schedule, the standards, and learning goal of this class. Email AQDEducationOutreach@maricopa.gov to request the full Educator Guide with answer key.

  1. Module 1: Take a Virtual Field Trip
  2. Module 2: Create a Pollution Collector
  3. Module 3: Read an Article
  4. Module 4: Research Local Pollution
  5. Module 5: Apply Your Knowledge


What’s in the air you breathe into your lungs every minute of every day? In this module you will go behind the scenes at the MCAQD Air Monitoring Division and learn about air quality from the experts. To find out how we define and measure air pollution, click on the video link and start the video at the two-minute mark to skip the introduction. When you have finished, answer the questions on the Activity Guide.

Step One: Complete the Pre-Test

Before you begin this class, complete the online Pre-Test form.

Step Two: Download the Virtual Field Trip Activity Guide

Download the Virtual Field Trip activity guide here.

Step Three: Watch the Video and Complete the Virtual Field Trip Activity Guide

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