Arizona Survey Firm Genealogy

List of Firms

MCDOT has compiled a list of genealogy for Arizona survey firms. This list is not a comprehensive list of firms; however, you may find it helpful when researching recorders or other survey information.

  • Holmquist turned in to Holmquist and King which then turned into King which then went to Keogh Engineering (Dennis Keogh).
  • Collar Williams and White's records went to Rick Engineering.
  • Most of Ray Jones's records were burnt in a fire.
  • Gene Skelley's records have been scanned and placed on the MCDOT Corner Tie and Plat Index.
  • West Valley Engineering's recorders went to Physical Resource Engineering (Dan White) in Tucson.
  • Wheeler, Books and Coffenn
    WBC Consultants
    The SP Group (very briefly)
    Griener Engineering
  • Standage and Truitt turned into Agra Infrastructure which was bought by Amec.
  • Havill Engineering sold out to Tait( Orange Co. Calif.) They threw all survey records away.( 1996 +/-). Jay Vaughn was there and recovered 8 - 5 drawer file cabinets in which he retains today.
  • Mettee/McGill Associates evolved to Mettee/McGill/Murphy. In the late 80s, Stanley Consultants began to gradually buy out MMM and during the late 80s and early 90s went through two name variations - first was Stanley/Mettee/McGill/Murphy, then Stanley Consultants of Arizona, then in about 1992 the name went to the current Stanley Consultants. In 1991 Stanley (Canada) bought Franzoy Corey and renamed it SFC Engineering. In 1991 Stanley (Canada) bought Franzoy Corey and renamed it SFC Engineering. In 1992 Stanley bought Carter Associates and renamed it IMC Consultants.
  • SFC Engineering and IMC Consultants were renamed to Stantech Consulting in the mid 1990s. Stantech Consulting was renamed to Stantec (no "h") one year later.
  • Kaminski Habbard was purchased by Stantec.
  • Cella Bar (Tucson and Phoenix) was purchased by Stantec.
  • Geneology of Gannett Fleming, Inc.
    1946 Founded as Williams Engineering Company
    1959 Became Williams and Ellis
    1970 Became Ellis Murphy Holgate
    1971 Briefly Ellis Murphy Holgate and Johnson
    Around 1981 Holgate retires leaving Ellis, Murphy, Inc.
    1986 Ellis Murphy purchased by Gannett Fleming, Inc.
    Company operates under both names until 1990 present day is Gannett Fleming, Inc. and retains many historic records.
  • Carl Weckerly sold his company to Mary Lenard and Dennis Dyer in 2001?.
    The company closed it doors in 2005?.
    Dennis is at Steele Engineering LLC.
    Mary Lenard still retains the recorders.
  • In 1952, American Engineering Company (AEC) was established. In 1997, AEC joined Robert Bein, William Frost and Associates (RBF), which joined Michael Baker Jr. and has since changed their name to Michael Baker International.
  • Atwell-Hicks bought HEC Engineering LLC on May 10th, 2007.
  • Daniel Wier (LS 1476) records are with his sons Michael Wier (LS 7247) and Robin Wier (LS 12895). Jerry Wier (LS 32237) is Michael Wier's son.
  • Entranco was purchased by DMJM Harris September of 2005. Many of the survey records were destroyed in the purchase however the few that remain went to Horizon Surveying LLC. Horizon Surveying LLC became Geomatics Consulting Group around 2007.
  • Brooks Hersey and Associates started in 1982. In 2003 Sam Hersey left and Brook Hersey and Associates became Brooks Engineers and Surveyors and they retained all the records from the separation. In June of 2008, Brooks Engineers and Surveyors merged with Strand and became Brooks Strand and Associates. Brooks Strand  and Associates renamed about 2010-2011 to Strand Associates Inc.

    In 2003 Sam Hersey started a new firm called Hersey, Aerni and Associates.
  • December of 2009 Horizon Consultants LLC and INTI, LLC joined together to become INTI, LLC.
  • Absolute Survey and Mapping went out of business in Phoenix and relocated to Snowflake where they changed there name to Alpha-Omega Surveys. Gerald (Gerry) Wood left this firm and started a new business in Hollbrook called Northern Surveys.
  • CMX was sold in 2006. The CMX parent company decided to close operations in Maricopa County in 2009. HilgartWilson, LLC purchased the rights to CMX intellectual property and retain some files and electronic copies of most CMX surveys
  • Buchanan, Collins & Johnson (Tucson) became Johnson – Brittain & Assoc. in 1981.
    Johnson - Brittain was sold to HDR Engineering, Inc. in 2002 (Per Frank Abell)
  • Gilbertson Assoc. a long time land survey and civil engineering firm was acquired by Wilcox Eng. in 2005.
    The principle land surveyor Rick Tabor (RLS 19857) started RS team Land Survey in 2006 to present.
  • Ritoch Powell and associates was acquired by Ardurra in early 2022.
  • Landmark Engineering was bought by V3 Companies in January 2006. V3 Companies closed their Arizona Office in January 2011. Michael S. Wolf retained some files from Landmark and V3 and is now at Hubbard Engineering.

This information has been compiled over time and is subject to change. Please send any corrections to the genealogy to Brian Dalager.