Tonto Hills Paving

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The Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) will be making roadway improvements in the Tonto Hills community. The improvements will help to diminish dust by paving roadways and will include localized drainage improvements to minimize the need for maintenance after storms. 

Project Overview

  • The project will include the paving of 17 roadway segments throughout the community
  • Roadway will be paved to a width of 20 feet (asphalt concrete pavement)
  • Pavement and rolled curb similar to the segment of Deer Trail Road paved in 2016
  • The drainage patterns will be maintained with low flow crossings at the washes
  • Some retaining walls are proposed to avoid impacting existing washes
  • Some drainage and slope easements will be required at localized areas
  • Temporary construction easements for grading and driveway reconstruction will be required

Frequently Asked Questions

Will residents have access to their homes during construction?
Residents will always have access in and out of the community. However, there will be times when driveways will be blocked temporarily during construction. Residents will be notified in advance of any access restrictions. 

Will Old Mine Road (from Cave Creek Road to Deer Trail Road) be paved and curbed to match the rest of the community? 
No. That section of Old Mine Road already meets the requirements for dust mitigation and drainage. It does not fall under the scope of work for this project.

Will the existing vegetation in the MCDOT Right of Way be removed?
All vegetation within the MCDOT Right of Way (ROW) is subject to removal. This includes native vegetation and decorative landscaping. Trees and vegetation planted by property owners can be relocated from the MCDOT ROW at the property owners’ expense. Landscaping and structures (rocks, gates, fences, decorative items, lighting, etc.) that are within the MCDOT ROW are also subject to removal; however, MCDOT will work with the property owner to address the need.

Will there be sidewalks or multi-use paths throughout the community?
No. Sidewalks and multi-use paths do not fall under the scope of work for the Tonto Hills paving project. The project is being designed to mitigate dust, improve the roadway surface, and retain the “look and feel” of the community. The current Right of Way within the Tonto Hills community is not wide enough to accommodate the addition of sidewalks or multi-use paths. Adding these would require, at a minimum, an additional 5 to 10 feet of land from property owners to make the Right of Way consistent and wide enough to meet minimum design standards.

Will the county manage the potential erosion that could happen in the slope easements?
Yes, MCDOT maintenance crews will maintain all slope easements within the community.

Will the roadway improvements affect the Heat Island index?
No. The new pavement and concrete curbing will have little to no effect on the current heat index within the community.

What will be done about speeding on the new roadway?  
If speeding becomes an issue once the project is complete, MCDOT will perform a speed study and determine whether traffic calming devices are warranted. The posted speed will be 25 mph throughout the community.

What happens if I sell my home, build a home, or want to make improvements to my driveway before this project is completed? 
Any improvements or new builds would have to go through proper channels at Maricopa County Planning & Development ( If you plan to sell your home, please speak with your real estate professional about providing the new owner proper disclosure about the upcoming project. (#TT0609 Tonto Hills Paving

I received a letter from Acquisition Sciences or First Appraisal Services. Are they an official subcontractor for MCDOT?
Acquisition Sciences LTD and First Appraisal Services are subcontractors for the Maricopa County Real Estate Department (MCRED). Acquisition Sciences LTD and First Appraisal Services were hired by MCRED as subcontractors to support the project team’s work. If you have received correspondence from a representative, please reach out to them directly to discuss property impacts.

Will the Tonto Hills Domestic Water Improvement District be impacted by the project?
Part of the design process for this project is to identify underground utilities and determine the need for potential relocation or mitigation. Our project team is working directly with the Tonto Hills Domestic Water Improvement District representatives and other utility representatives. It is anticipated that relocation by APS, Lumen and Crown Castle will be done in advance of the advertisement of this project for construction. Relocations of the Tonto Hills Domestic Water Improvements will be done by the MCDOT contractor.


Contact the project team at or (602) 506-3342.

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