Notify MCDOT

Notify MCDOT is a free and easy-to-use service residents can use to report non-emergency Maricopa County roadway concerns.

Potholes, street repairs, overgrown vegetation and more can be reported from the convenience of a smartphone. Notify MCDOT allows you to upload pictures of the issue, and you can make your request using the GPS location-based map. 

Notify MCDOT is not monitored 24/7 and not intended for emergency situations.

Missing/Damaged Signs, Flooded Roadways and Traffic Signals

If Reporting a critical sign (as shown below), a flooded roadway, or a traffic signal Issue, please call 602-506-6063 immediately. If after hours, call the Sheriff's Office: 602-876-1000.


For common issues related to MCDOT, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are experiencing issues or need assistance with the Notify MCDOT app, please call (602) 506-6063.

Click below to download the free Notify MCDOT app!

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Additional types of requests are available below.

**NOTE: Notify MCDOT does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). If you are using IE, please change internet web browsers and resubmit your request.**

What to expect from Notify MCDOT

Notify MCDOT is an online tool residents can use to report non-emergency Maricopa County roadway concerns directly to the Maricopa County Department of Transportation, so that staff can follow up to resolve the issues. 

Please be as detailed as possible. Include the Address, description, and photo (if possible), so that MCDOT staff can determine the best way to address your concerns. You are encouraged to enter an email address in order to get updates on the status of your issue as MCDOT staff work towards a resolution.

This tool is best suited for service requests like potholes and other Maricopa County roadway repair needs. Notify MCDOT is not monitored 24/7. Issues that threaten public safety or require immediate attention, should be reported to 911. 

Learn more about Notify MCDOT:
Notify MCDOT Fact Sheet (Link)

Notify MCDOT Overview/Quick Tips (Link)

Notify MCDOT is not intended for issues threatening public safety or needing immediate attention, or for items that require long-term planning, a larger discussion, a community process, or involve multiple agencies.

How to use Notify MCDOT

View the videos below to learn more on how to use the Notify MCDOT.