COVID-19 Mobile Vaccine Providers

For people who are medically homebound or in long-term care facilities, including residents of assisted living or group homes who cannot travel to a pharmacy or clinic, you can use the map below to find mobile COVID-19 vaccine providers who serve your area. Select your living situation from the “patient location type” dropdown list, enter your address, then click the "search" button to see all mobile providers serving that area. You can then contact the provider(s) of your choice to schedule your vaccine. You might have to contact more than one provider to find one that can help you. If you are uninsured, there could be a charge for COVID-19 vaccination. For assistance locating a free or low cost mobile vaccination provider, call the CARES Team at 602-506-6767

Am I Eligible?

These mobile vaccine options are only for people who cannot go to a pharmacy or other vaccine location. Before you reach out to a mobile vaccine provider, please try these options first. 

  1. If you are in a long-term care facility or skilled nursing facility: check with your facility first to see if they have a standing vaccine provider. If your facility does not have a provider or needs assistance vaccinating residents and staff, visit our Providers and Partners page. 
  2. If you have AHCCCS, ALTCS, or another insurance provider: check with your insurance company to see if they can provide you with medical transportation to an existing vaccine site

If you are able to get transportation to a pharmacy or clinic, search for the vaccine location closest to you on this map.

Questions to Ask

Check with the provider to find out:

  • What type of vaccine they offer
    • Visit the CDC website for the most up-to-date COVID-19 vaccine recommendations.
    • Minors will need a parent/guardian consent to register for vaccine appointment. Some providers will also require that a parent/guardian is with the minor for the vaccination; contact the vaccine provider to find out if a parent/guardian must be present. 
  • If there are fees for mobile visits or other fees associated with this trip.
  • If they are scheduling individual visits or multiple visits in a neighborhood at one time
  • If they have a required minimum number of people for vaccination.
  • What identification is required, if any.

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Things to Know

COVID-19 vaccine is available to anyone eligible for vaccination, regardless of insurance or citizenship status. If you are uninsured, there could be a charge for COVID-19 vaccination. For assistance locating a free or low-cost mobile vaccination provider, call the CARES Team at 602-506-6767

 Please see our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for information on these topics and more. If you still have questions, please CONTACT US and our Maricopa Cares Call Center team.

Maricopa County Department of Public Health does not have agreements with these providers and cannot guarantee their service. This list is provided as a courtesy based on information given to MCDPH by vaccine providers. This information may change, so be sure to contact the provider to confirm details. 

  1. Patience and flexibility in your scheduling are extremely important. Because there are a limited number of mobile providers available, you might need to wait several weeks for an open appointment. Open appointments might require you to change your own schedule, even if it is inconvenient.
  2. You are expected to be available at the time of your appointment. If your schedule changes, please let your provider know as soon as possible. Cancellation policies vary by provider. Some cancellations might not be rescheduled.
  3. It is also important that you respond promptly to any phone or email communications from the vaccine provider. If they cannot reach you at the phone number or email address you give them, your appointment may be canceled.
  4. If your living location changes between the first and second vaccine doses, you may need to find a different provider for the second dose.

Need help scheduling an appointment? People without computer access or who need help finding vaccine can call the Maricopa County CARES Team at 602-506-6767.

How to Search This Map

  1. Using the “Patient Location Type” dropdown list, select the location type that matches the living situation of the person requesting vaccination.
    • Medically Homebound: A private home or independent living resident who is NOT able to be transported to a pharmacy or vaccine clinic without medical transport.
    • Skilled Nursing Facility or Post-Acute Care: Resident of a skilled nursing home or short-term post-surgery rehabilitation unit.
    • Large Assisted Living Center: Resident of a large assisted living facility (11 or more residents) that provides help with day-to-day living activities like eating and bathing.
    • Small Assisted Living/Senior Home or AFC: resident of a group home for seniors with 10 or fewer residents, or a resident of adult foster care (AFC)
    • Behavioral Home or DDD/ICD Home: resident of a licensed behavioral health home, group home for individuals with a developmental disability or intellectual disability.
    • Other Congregate Setting: resident of a shelter or sober living home
  2. Enter your address where it says, “Find address or place” and then click the magnifying glass to search.
  3. In the list of search results, click on each provider listed to check which vaccine types they offer and whether they might have additional eligibility requirements. For example, some mobile providers require a minimum number of patients at an address. Other providers might only vaccinate individuals who enroll in certain programs.
  4. Contact the provider of your choice for more information, to ask about fees and any identification needed, and to schedule an appointment.
  5. You might have to contact more than one provider to find one that can meet your needs, and you might need to rearrange your schedule. Please be patient and flexible with your schedule.
  6. Please make sure to answer your phone and check your voice mail and email inboxes. If a provider tries to contact you and you do not respond, your appointment could be canceled.

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Searchable Map

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Contact Us

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