COVID-19 American Rescue Plan Act Funds

For more than a year, Maricopa County has been a trustworthy steward of federal COVID-19 recovery funds, allocating millions of dollars to keep people in their homes, to connect people to jobs, to keep small businesses running, and to track and mitigate the spread of the virus.  Many of the efforts that began in 2020 through the CARES Act, grants, and other funding sources continue today.

Now, a new influx of federal funds made available to the County through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is being used to support and expand our recovery. As Chairman Jack Sellers writes, Our goal is to distribute these funds in an equitable way across our community, with a focus on areas disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.
Read the Chairman's Letter to Residents Regarding COVID-19 Rescue Funds >

This webpage will provide up-to-date information about how recovery funds are being spent in the nation's fastest-growing county. The dashboard shows total dollars allocated and spent to date, while the sections below focus on spending as it relates to key needs of our community (affordable housing, workforce support, etc.). These are areas the Board of Supervisors has prioritized. Full reports on spending can be found in the "Performance Reports" section in accordance with federal guidelines.


All rescue fund allocation and spending will be updated on a monthly basis. Updates occur at the end of each month. Dashboard best viewed in Firefox or Chrome.
Latest Update: August 31, 2021

Breakdown By Key Rescue Effort

Spending by Key Rescue Effort
  1. COVID-19 response
  2. Affordable Housing
  1. Individuals and Families
  2. Workforce Support
  1. Business Support
  2. Rental and Mortgage Assistance

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Performance Reports  

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Recovery Stories  

  1. Justice

    Legal Services Now Available to Renters in Maricopa County

    Renters in Maricopa County facing eviction due to non-payment of rent now have access to legal services to help them understand their rights and to help prevent eviction. Read on...
  2. A/C Assistance for Seniors

    Senior Receives New Air Conditioning Unit in Midst of Summer Heat

    Maricopa County Human Services, Area Agency on Aging Partnership Benefits Local Seniors Read on...
  3. 301 Admin Building

    Maricopa County Outlines Priorities for American Rescue Plan Dollars

    Maricopa County is using a new influx of federal funds to bring services and stability to individuals, families, and businesses impacted by the pandemic. Read on...

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County Contracts  

Interested in working with Maricopa County to provide recovery services?
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