COVID-19 Vaccine Locations

You can view vaccination providers in Maricopa County on the map below by the type of vaccine offered or location near you. You also can search by a location name or area near you. By clicking on your selected area vaccine site on the map, a pop-up card will provide details about the provider, including a registration link. Below the map, you will find a text-based chart that includes a full listing of the same vaccine locations and registration links.

Please note:

  • Age Eligibility: Following State prioritization guidance, Maricopa County has opened vaccine eligibility to all residents aged 16 and up. Per the vaccines’ FDA emergency use authorizations: 
    • People Age 18 and Older can receive the Moderna, Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccines. 
    • People Age 16 or 17 can only receive the Pfizer vaccine.
      • For vaccine appointments for individuals ages 16- or 17-years old, use the "Vaccine Type" drop down menu to search for vaccination locations with Pfizer. 
      • Minors will need a parent/guardian consent to register for a vaccine appointment.
  • Vaccine Availability: While vaccine supplies are limited, providers may or may not have vaccine or appointments currently available.
    • See the provider's website for the most current information about vaccine availability, eligibility, and to verify details. 
    • Most provider information displayed on the map is collected from a state database and is not maintained by Public Health. 
  • Get Help Scheduling an Appointment: People without computer access or who need help using the ADHS vaccine registration website for appointments at any of the state-operated PODs can call 1-844-542-8201 for support.
  • Pop-Up Vaccination Events:

In order to be vaccinated, you will need to be a member of an eligible population, schedule an appointment, and provide appropriate identification once you arrive at the vaccination site. If you are seeking a second dose of a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, please be sure it is with the same manufacturer as your first dose in the recommended timeframe. 

Vaccine is available at no charge, regardless of insurance or citizenship status.  Please see our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for information on these topics and more.

COVID-19 Vaccine Locations Map

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COVID-19 Vaccine Locations List (text-version)

ManufacturerLocationAddressCityRegistration LinkPhone