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Is this going to be available for us to review on TheHUB? We do not have plans to add videos or resources to the HUB at this time.

Is our time-off tile going to be customizable? We are unable to customize the order of the list.

Is the dashboard different for exempt vs non-exempt employees? Yes. Non-exempt employees will have a Clock dashboard tile. See the employee guides or the ADP Employee Training webinar to see an example of each dashboard.

What is the training plan for all staff? Messages will start going out via the Resource and Currents in the next few weeks, and a notice will be posted in ADP about the change with a link to the resource page. The eTime Resource page is available for all employees, regardless of whether they have VPN access, and from there they can access webinars, short instructional videos, guides, updates, and FAQs.

If an employee currently uses the timeclock, will their punches be captured during the outage? Yes, employees may still use timeclocks and their punches will be recorded, however, we recommend that the employee keep a log of their punches as well.

How do I add a teleworking row to my timecard? Can I bulk add a row like I do now? See the employee guides or the ADP Employee Training webinar to see how to add a teleworking row to your timecard. 

Will changing employees' schedules going to be any easier and less time consuming than the current system? The process is very similar.

Should the lunch punches be captured? Yes, employees should use the Clock tile to record all punches.

Can non-exempt employees still use the clock-punch to clock in and out? Yes.

The palm tree icon is for approved vacation. What other icons can we expect to see? All approved time-off requests will be denoted in green on the employee’s schedule. Pending requests will appear as a yellow clock, and County holidays will show in purple text on the schedule and have a purple bell icon. This key is included in the Employee Time Off Request guide as well.

Will employees still receive a confirmation e-mail when submitting a time off request? Yes, employees and managers will receive an email after submitting a request, and when it has been approved or denied. Managers will receive an email and dashboard notification when a request has been submitted.

How will the ADP upgrade do with the Windows 10 migration? When exactly is the Windows 10 migration? The Windows 10 migration date is dependent on the department. ADP is web-based and will not be affected by Windows 10.

Will I still be able to access ADP through OKTA? Yes, you can still access ADP through OKTA. You will log in through the current portal, so any saved bookmarks will continue to be accessible and your username and password will not change. If you experience issues with logging in through OKTA, please follow the steps on the FAQ page.

What kind of access would a timekeeper have? Their level of access will stay the same.

Can there be information added to advise employees of their retirement system and where they are on service dates? No, we do not have control over adding that type of information.

Is the process for running reports the same? Yes, this process will not change.

Do I have a schedule in the system? Yes, that functionality has not changed. All exempt employees are required to have a schedule. Non-exempt employees may optionally have a schedule.

Can I add my own schedule? No, employees are not able to edit or add their own schedule. Please contact your supervisor or HR liaison.

Can you do a date range for timecard? At this time, employees will only be able to view Previous, Current, and Next pay periods from their timecard. Employees can use the Time Detail report to view more timecard information for any date range, but if they need additional detail, may contact their HR Liaison. 

Can we still see our pay stubs? Yes, the process for accessing paystubs will not change.

Will the hyperfind queries I have created be saved and transition with my account during the update? Yes.

Are we able to add comments/notes? Yes, both employees and managers are still able to add comments and notes. See the guides for further instruction.

Can you still enter sick or vacation time manually without prior approval? Yes, you can still add this to your timecard without prior approval. See the Employee Timecard Navigation Guide for instructions.

Can the add and delete buttons be reversed in the new system for hourly employees? No.

Will staff be able to change time on closed pay periods? This will not change from your current ability to do so. If you are not currently able to change time on a closed pay period, you will not be able to after the upgrade.

Will the elected officials’ timecards remain the same? Yes.

Will we still have delegation ability? Yes. To start the delegation process, complete this form.

Will the employees be able to see that they have a missed punch? Yes, this will be flagged on their timecard.

Can you show me how an exempt employee will change their hours worked to actual hours worked? Please see the Employee Timecard Navigation Guide for instructions.

Will there be a flag on the timecard if the exempt employee has not reached 80 hours for the pay period? No.

When a supervisor is approving a time off request, can they add comments regarding the time off that will go back to the employee with the approval or rejection? Yes.

Is it recommended to use Chrome with the new ADP? All platforms work as long as they are up to date. However, we recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Will the hours worked be deleted once an exempt employee adds in the teleworking hours? No, the hours worked will remain the same and an additional row will be added with the teleworking pay code.

When a supervisor is a delegator, will the employees show up on the Team Timecard tab as well, or do you have to go to a different tab? Delegation tasks must be completed through the Timekeeper Access link. 

Is the process for adding a lunch punch the same as adjusting in/out punches? Yes, when you adjust time for a non-exempt employee, you will add or adjust the relevant lunch punches using the same process as adding or editing an in or out punch.

Is it necessary to add a comment to both the out adjustment and the 'in' adjustment in your example? It is best practice to add a comment for any adjustment you make to an employee’s timecard.

Will the missed punch show as a flag or have another icon? A missed punch will have the flag icon. Any timecard exception will be denoted by the exception flag.

When you're entering a week of vacation or sick time, do you have to enter each day individually, or is there a way to do this faster now? The quickest way to enter multiple days of vacation or sick time is to have the employee request that amount of time off. Additionally, a manager can submit a time off request on behalf of the employee for a specific date range, which is automatically approved. If you do need to add hours directly to a timecard, it does need to be done on each individual day. Please see the Manager Time Off Requests guide for instructions.

Will the system allow the employee to approve the timecard if there is a missed punch? Yes, both employees and supervisors can approve a timecard with a missed punch or other exception.

Can we attach an email as supporting documentation to a payroll adjustment for audit purposes? No, Maricopa County's eTIME solution is not configured to accept documentation.

Will there be any changes to SQL reporting? No changes will be made to SSRS reporting.

Will this system allow you to see other employees if you are covering for another manager? Yes, if your account permissions are set to allow this.

What if we have SQL reports built on ADP info, like 'reports to', will the upgrade impact those other reports that are not canned reports? They will be saved and able to be used after the upgrade.

How does a manager add time above scheduled time (like 8 hours) to their day if they worked more than 8 hours? You would add these hours the same way you add regular hours to a timecard. Please see the Editing an Employee’s Timesheet video for additional instruction.

How do you expand the timecard to see additional details? Use the “See Details” link at the bottom of the timecard row.

It is my understanding that non-exempt employees should not be using the Hours Worked pay code, that they should be entering actual hours worked. Can you please confirm? Non-exempt employees should be adhering to their department’s policy for entering time worked, i.e. using a timeclock to record hours. However, if a supervisor is editing a non-exempt employee’s timecard, the pay code will default to the “Time Pair Entry” pay code, not the “Hours Worked” pay code.

If an employee works their day off at a different location and we change the funding for that day, will the OT still be charged to their home funding after the employee actually goes over 40 at the end of the week? All the same calculations will carry over to the upgraded system. If this is the setting you have now, it will remain the same.

How do you view a date range outside previous, current, or next pay period? At this time, you will only be able to view Previous, Current, and Next pay periods on a timecard. 

Will an employee be able to see when a manager has left a comment? Yes, employees and managers can see comments left by the other on a timecard. Additionally, once a manager has cleared an exception flag, this will be cleared from the employee’s timecard view as well.

Can I adjust the number of vacation leave hours for an employee if they did not use the time requested? You are not able to edit those hours from the timecard. To adjust hours in a time off request, the request would need to be deleted and resubmitted by either the manager or the employee. Additionally, a manager could cancel the request (to see this process, click here Version OptionsQ+AHeadline) and submit a new time off request on the employee’s behalf. A third option is that the manager could cancel the time off request and add the correct hours onto the timecard using the applicable pay code. Please note that with any of these options, a note will need to be added in both the canceled request comment box and the timecard edit if this is made.

Can I run a 1250 report for FMLA eligibility? Yes.

Will the upgraded system still require JAVA for full functionality? No, JAVA will no longer be required.

Will the punches from ephone during the outage be fed into the ADP timekeeping once the system goes back live? No, employees who call in punches will not be able to access this function during the outage and will need to keep a log of their punches.

How do you create a team? Only payroll employees can create teams in ADP. If you would like to see a certain team or group of employees, it is recommended that you create a hyperfind query. Click here to view the guide. 

Will we be able to share our hyperfind with other employees? Hyperfind queries are not able to be shared between users. However, if you know of a hyperfind query that is used a lot in your department, let Payroll know so they may create a public hyperfind query matching that criteria.

Due to our high volume of transfers, just about all of our MCSO supervisors have timekeeper/approver access to ALL MCSO employees, but they also have employees specifically assigned to them in ADP.  What will their view be? In most Workspaces, the system will default to the “All Home” view. Employees would need to select the hyperfind query to see only their direct reports.

Will the punches from the timeclock clock, computer, and phone still automatically load on the timecard?   Yes.

As a payroll rep, will I still choose the low orgs I want to see, or will the system know which ones I'm assigned to? The system will function the same way it does today, i.e. it will show you the orgs you are assigned to.

Previously under the old version, all new hires needed to have a schedule pattern created on their timecard. Moving forward, will this still be required and if so, how do you go into the system and create a schedule? Schedule requirements should adhere to department standards. For additional information on how to create a schedule, please see the ADP ETIME Schedule Manager guide or the Scheduling in eTime video.

Will HR Liaisons still be able to toggle between employee and practitioner? Yes. EV5 will not be changing.

Is there a limit to the number of comments you can add to someone's timecard? No, comments are unlimited and can be added to multiple entries on the same day.

Does a newer comment supersede the previous comment? No, all comments added are saved to the entry or date to which they are added. 

Can you edit a comment after you save, or do you have to delete the original comments and redo it? You cannot edit a comment after it has been saved. You would need to delete that entry and redo it with the correct comment.

When you make changes to the columns will that default each time we go in? No, column preferences must be set in each workspace each time the workspace is launched.

Will ADP still time us out after 5 minutes without activity? Yes, ADP is still set to log users off after a short period of inactivity.

Can the same comment be added on the same day? Yes, the same comment can be added to multiple entries on the same day.

What timeframe are you expecting the missed punches to be entered into ADP? Punches should be entered as soon as possible. If you experience any issues, we would like to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve them before the pay period ends. 

Are there any changes to access to Timekeepers or processes they will no longer be able to perform? You will have the same level of access and functions you currently have. If you notice any changes to your account after the upgrade, please contact adptimeupgrade@maricopa.gov.

During the timeframe scheduled to enter outage punch data, will there be a hotline/phone number/website available for issues that Timekeepers are having? Please email adptimeupgrade@maricopa.gov with any issues. This mailbox will be closely monitored, and we will respond as soon as possible to address any issues you may experience. 

Moving forward, when new hires have issues with ADP and getting signed up, are there any new, additional resources going to be available to them? No changes will be made to the process of new hires being added to ADP. The training materials currently available on the ADP Project Page will stay up indefinitely and may be used to train new hires on the system.

Will there be any changes made to the delegation process? Is there any discussion on improving this process? At this time, no changes are being made to the delegation process. We are aware of this concern and will be evaluating this with Workday. 

How we will use hyperfind queries in this system? They will have the same function they do today.

Will all of our hyperfind queries remain the same? Yes, and your hyperfind queries will go with you.

How do I get to personal queries to run payroll reports? 

  • eTime: Add a workspace>Reports>Select report>Select query
  • MyADP: Other Time Features>Reports> Select report>Select query

 How to get to ADP reports I have already created? 

  • eTime: Add a workspace>Reports>Favorites or Check Report Status
  • MYADP: Other Time Features>Team Time Reports

Will we have the ability to search for any range of dates? Yes, using the calendar icon next to the time period picklist. 

Will we still be able to run the Time Detail Report? Yes. To access the report, complete the following:

  • eTime: Add a workspace>Reports>Timecard>Time Detail
  • MYADP: Other Time Features>Team Time Reports>Timecard>Time Detail

Will reports will be customizable? Yes, however, the level of customization available is dependent on the report you are trying to run.

Will the timecards look different for the practitioners (timekeepers & payroll reps)? Timecards will look the same for all employees if they are in their employee dashboard.

How will this impact our view of EV5 on 12/2-4? Is there overlap views of both EV5 and EV8? EV5 will be the same as it is today.

How can Timekeepers see all employees’ timecards to review and or get reports that we normally had in JAVA? 

  • eTime: Timecards can be accessed by selecting an employee, clicking the “Go To” button, and selecting Timecards, or by opening a Quicklinks workspace and selecting the Timecards folder icon on the right-hand navigation panel.
  • MYADP: Timecards will be under the Teams tab on your left-hand navigation panel, and reports can be accessed through the "Other Time Features" tab when you're in the Teams tab.

Will there be an option to see your direct reports vs. everyone when approving timecards? Yes, just as you can today, create a hyperfind with just your direct reports. Use that hyperfind when approving timecards.

Is there a way to print approved timecards after it has been approved by the employee and the supervisor? Yes. Complete the following steps:

  • eTime: Add workspace>Reports>Timecard>Timecard Sign-off
  • MYADP: Go to Team on the left-hand navigation panel>Other Time Features>Team Time Reports>Timecard>Timecard Sign-Off

Where is Payroll Review - All Home for Timekeepers to see the whole Dept for Payroll Review?

  • eTime: Add workspace>Quicklinks>Payroll Review
  • MYADP: Other Time Features>Team Quicknavs>Payroll Review

As an HR Liaison, where do I go to find information (timesheet or accruals) on another employee? 

  • eTime: Add workspace>Quicklinks>Accrual Balance or Add workspace>Quicklinks>Quickfind>Search for the employee>Select Employee>Go To Timecards
  • MYADP: Other Time Features>Team Quicknavs> Accrual Balance or Other Time Features>Team Quicknavs>Quickfind>Search for the employee>Select Employee>Go To Timecards

Are we going to lose all historical timecards? No, but please check back for updates about access.

Is Enterprise changing too? There will not be any changes made to Enterprise.

Will the comment and audits tabs still be available for view? Yes. Complete the following steps:

  • eTime: Add workspace>Quicklinks>Quickfind> Select an Employee>Click the “Go To” arrow icon at the top and select “Audits.” Comments is available in the Category picklist on the Audit tab
  • MYADP: Other Time Features> Team QuickNavs> Quickfind>Select an Employee>Click the “Go To” arrow icon at the top and select “Audits.” Comments is available in the Category picklist on the Audit tab

Is there a search feature to search for employees? Yes. Complete the following steps:

  • eTime: Add workspace>Quicklinks>Quickfind>
  • MYADP: Other Time Features>Team QuickNavs> and select QuickFind from the left-hand picklist

Can you show us how to enter or amend an employee's schedule? For instructions on how to create or edit an employee’s schedule, please see the ADP ETIME Schedule Manager guide or the Scheduling in eTime video.