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Current Issues and Potential Fixes:

If you do not see the pencil icon on your timecard, please clear your cache and cookies (instructions here), then log back in.  

We are aware of issues with time-off requests not showing correctly on timecards. If you are experiencing this issue, please cancel the request [instructions here] and apply the pay code directly to your timecard. We appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue.

Editing or Canceling a Previously Submitted Time Off Request:

Employees are not able to edit or cancel time-off requests that were submitted prior to the upgrade. Please contact your HR Liaison or timekeeper regarding this issue.

My time off request is showing zero hours on my timecard - what do I do?

Employees who do not have a schedule in the system need to submit their time-off request with the duration set as "Hours" and the hours specified in the request. Using "Full Day" or "Half Day" as the duration will not populate the hours correctly. If you have submitted the request incorrectly and it has not yet been approved, you can edit the request to reflect the correct duration. If the request has been approved, you may cancel the request and resubmit with the correct parameters. Review the employee guide here and the manager guide here.

Using the Next Day or Previous Day Buttons:

At this time, the next day and previous day buttons on your timecard are not functional for entering time. If used, they will override and delete any current entries. Timecard entries must be added to each day, one day at a time, using the Save and Close button. 

I am an exempt employee and I am having trouble editing my hours worked. What should I do?

Please review the Timecard Navigation Guide and watch the Editing Hours Worked video. If you still have questions, reach out to your department's HR Liaison or Timekeeper, or email ADP Time Upgrade for additional assistance.

How do I log in?

Once you have logged into the ADP Portal, click the link that corresponds to your role:

What can I expect once the system is back up?

We encourage you to log into the portal and take a look at your account. To review training materials, click here. If you experience any issues with your account, please contact

Will I still be able to access ADP through OKTA?

Yes, you can still access ADP through OKTA. You will log in through the current portal, so any saved bookmarks will continue to be accessible and your username and password will not change. If you experience issues with logging in through OKTA, please follow the steps above for clearing your cache and cookies.

Will the upgraded system still require JAVA for full functionality? 

No, JAVA will no longer be required.

How do I access EV5?

EV5 only works with Internet Explorer.

I have a new staff member or newly transferred staff member, and I cannot view them under Team Timecards. What do I do?

When new employees are hired, or employees are transferred, those changes can take about a week to fully process. In the meantime, you should be able to access the employee while the backend process completes and populates them under ‘Team Timecards.’

To access the employee in the meantime: Log into the portal and click the Employee/Supervisor access link. Once you are in Team Timecards, click the “Other Time Features” link at the top, then “Team QuickNavs.” Once there, click the drop-down list under Manager Links and find Quickfind, then search for the employee. Double click their name to view the timecard.

I am not able to see my staff under the "Your Team" tab.

We are aware that this tab is not populating information and are working to resolve this with ADP as soon as possible. To view employees, please use the "Team Timecards" tab. 

I am an exempt employee trying to delete my hours worked - what do I do?

You must add an entry with 0 (zero) hours, save it, then go back into that date and delete the incorrect entry, then save again. There are guides and videos here and an infographic here on the process.

Will I still receive a confirmation e-mail when my time-off request is approved or denied?

Yes, you will receive an email notification when your time-off request is approved or denied. Managers will receive an email and dashboard notification when a request has been submitted.

Viewing Accrual Balances:

If you click to view all accrual balances and do not see the full list, use the scrolling function on your mouse to view the full list.

Approving and Removing Approval from a Timecard:

The timecard approval and remove timecard approval button are in the same spot on your timecard. Once you have approved your timecard, the button will change to remove timecard approval.

How do I cancel a time-off request?

 To cancel a request, click View Time Off Requests from the time-off tile on the dashboard. Locate the request in the Time Off Request history window, then click the trash can icon next to the request. Note that time off requests are not canceled from the timecard.

How do you view a date range outside the previous, current, or next pay period? 

At this time, you will only be able to view Previous, Current, and Next pay periods on a timecard. Employees can use the Time Detail report to view more timecard information for any date range, but if they need additional detail, may contact their HR Liaison.

Should an employee's FMLA available balance match the FMLA ending balance?

The “Accrual Ending Balance” is the maximum amount of hours for that accrual code – 480 hours is the maximum amount that an employee can earn for FMLA, therefore the FMLA ending balance column will always be 480, but their available balance will change depending on whether they have used that pay code.


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Still experiencing issues? Reach out to your department's HR Liaison or Timekeeper. If you have additional questions, email ADP Time Upgrade for additional assistance.