Have You Found Kittens?


It may seem like it's always kitten season in Arizona - but please don't take them in!

If you spot kittens outside, please leave them be – their mother is probably searching for food and will likely return. The kittens’ best chance for survival is to remain with their mother. 

However, if their mom doesn’t come back after more than eight hours, the Arizona Humane Society can provide care kits to help you with the kittens. Learn more at: https://www.azhumane.org/events/dont-kit-nap-kittens/.

We ask that you don't interfere if the kitten(s) appears healthy and only seek to help if the kitten(s) appears to be in distress. This allows the mom to hopefully continue to care for her litter and provides the best chance of survival.

Let sleeping kittens lie