Wellness Works

Maricopa County's Wellness Works program supports and encourages a healthy workforce by providing programs and resources to help employees maintain or improve their health.


Employee Benefits and Wellness Division

Wellness Incentive

If you are enrolled in a County-sponsored medical plan, and complete the required wellness activities, you could earn an incentive of up to $30/paycheck or $720 per year. 

To Earn for Plan Year 2020-2021

Due to COVID-19, you will automatically be awarded with the Wellness Incentive for Plan Year 2020-2021 if:

  • You received the incentive last year (PY 18-19)
  • You are currently receiving the incentive (PY 19-20)
  • You are a new hire and have completed at least one activity in the StayWell Portal (or will have completed by June 30, 2020)

To Earn for Plan Year 2021-2022

A new Wellness Portal will launch July 1, 2020. Employees, regardless of past participation, will need to enroll and create a new account in the new wellness portal after July 1. Once an account is created, you will complete the Health Check Survey and two “Your Choice” Activities to receive the Wellness Incentive.

Wellness Clinic & Pharmacy

The Wellness Clinic & Pharmacy is now located at 301 W. Jefferson St. in the basement, near the elevators. It offers virtual visits with Nurse Practitioner, Stacy Sanchez, as well as mail-order prescriptions to keep you healthy even if you are located offsite. Call 480-347-4791 to make an appointment or 602-283-9925 to speak with the Pharmacy team.

Financial Wellness Coaching

My Secure Advantage is a financial coaching program that offers personalized, confidential help to meet financial goals. Coaching is available to you and your spouse/dependents for 30 consecutive days at NO cost each calendar year on non-work time. For more information and to enroll, visit the MSA website or call 888-724-2326.

Smart Savings | Deferred Comp allows you to put aside money from each paycheck that can grow into extra savings for your future. A plan can help you bridge the gap between what you will get from your pension and Social Security, and how much you’ll need to have the retirement you want. Visit the website for more information and to enroll.

Already enrolled? It’s easy to lose confidence in your investment strategy when you see your account value fluctuating, but historically, the stock market bounces back. So, choose an investment strategy, be patient, and let time work to your advantage.