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  • Arizona Together or ArizonaUnido
    Find employment, financial, homeowner, renter assistance, access to food, healthcare, mental health, and other community resources across the state.
  • Emergency Rental Assistance: Emergency rental assistance is available to every community statewide. Property owners can submit applications on behalf of their residents. Programs within Maricopa County include:
  • COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide
    A comprehensive guide on COVID-19 from the National Alliance on Mental Illness that cover topics such as stress, anxiety, working from home, isolation, loneliness, financial assistance, mental illness, and more.
  • Mental Health and Substance Use
    Find crisis lines, information on prevention and education, overdose data in Maricopa County, frequently asked questions, local resources and more.

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  • Sign Detailing COVID-19 Symptoms for Workplaces:  English  |  Spanish

Communications Toolkit

Help us in sharing #FactsNotFear to #StopTheSpread of #COVID19 and #FlattenTheCurve. Any of these infographics may be reused and/or modified for prevention purposes.

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Actions Everyone Can Take
Acciones que todos podemos tomar
6 Layers of Protection
6 Capas de Proteccion
This Season's Layers of Protection
Capas de Proteccion para la temporada
Quarantine for Close Contacts with No Symptoms
Cuarentena para las personas que estuvieron expuestos y no presentan sintomas
Face Coverings Not Created Equal
No Todos las Mascarillas son Creadas Iguales
Increasing Protection to Reduce Spread
Increasing Protection to Reduce Spread
Mask Regulations
Mask Regulations
Traveling increases your risk of exposure to COVID-19
Traveling increases your risk of exposure to COVID-19
What You Can Do to prevent covid-19
What You Can Do to prevent covid-19
Leaving Home-5 Things to Ask_ENG
Leaving Home-5 Things to Ask_SPA
ERs-are-Safe-English Update
ERs are Safe_SPA
Face Masks How to Wear-ENG
Face Masks How to Wear-SPA
When to Seek Medical Attention
SPA_When to Seek Medical Attention
Contact Tracing_ENG
Contact Tracing_SPA
COVID-19 Symptoms Signage
Serving You _ENG
Delivering to You_ENG
In This for Each Other_Family Reunited
In This for Each Other_Healthcare Provider
InThisTogetherCampaign_Grandma2 (1)
Give Help_ENG
Get Help Graphic
Face Masks ENG
Help For Homeowners_Twitter (1)
COVID-19 Symptoms Signage in Spanish
Serving You_SPA
Delivery to You _SPA
In This for Each Other-Family Reunited_SPA
In This for Each Other-Healthcare Provider_SPA
In This for Each Other-Grandmother or Mother_SPA
Give Help_SPA
Get Help Graphic-SPA
Face Masks SPA
SPA_Help For Homeowners_Twitter (1)
Help For Renters_Twitter (1)
We have practice keeping our social distance Keep it up, AZ
Stay Sharp. Keep 6ft Apart.
SPA_Help For Renters_Twitter (1)
Ya tenemos práctica manteniendo nuestro distanciamiento Continuemos así, Arizona!
Este  Atento Mantenga 6 pies  de distancia
Don't Brush Up Against Strangers. Keep your distance.
Cuídese de no rozarse con  extraños Mantenga su distancia
What to Do if You are Sick
What to Do if You are Sick_SPA
ENG_Be Smart Stay Apart
Spread Facts Not Fear
SPA_Be Smart Stay Apart
SPA_Spread Facts Not Fear
Infographic_What You Can Do
Older Adults -Things You can Do
SPA_Older Adults-Things You can Do
Room to Roam
Room to Roam Spanish
show you care seniors
show you care seniors espanol

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