Healthcare Provider Guidance

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Guidance documents for COVID-19

Healthcare Providers:

Infection Control:



For Further Guidance

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Documents from State and County Public Health

Online Resources for National, State, and Local Public Health

  • General information: MCDPH, ADHS, and CDC websites
  • Information for Healthcare Professionals:
    • CDC website
    • MCDPH guidance for evaluation of a patient with suspected COVID-19 infection (below)
  • Management of patients with confirmed coronavirus disease 2019: CDC website
  • Infection control:
    • Guidance from Arizona Department of Health (above)
    • CDC website
    • Attached example visual alert for posting at the entrance and strategic places in English and Spanish (see above)
  • Early epidemiology of cohort with COVID-19 in China: As described in NEJM
  • State Licensing: