How to Apply or Nominate

We are no longer accepting nominations for the 2022 Climate and Health Champion Awards. Please check back to see this year's winners!

The Climate and Health Champion Awards recognize local youth, individuals, businesses, organizations, and researchers that are taking steps toward implementing sustainable solutions, ecofriendly practices, or policies aimed at improving health and/or improving health equity (through elimination of economic or social barriers to health) that are at risk of climate-sensitive hazards.

Climate-sensitive hazards are exposures such as poor air quality, heat, flooding, drought, wildfires, dust storms, vector-borne disease, etc. that put people’s heath at risk and are influenced by local- to global-scale climate change.

Projects eligible for nomination under this recognition program include a wide variety of activity types, such as adopting a specific policy within an organization; advocating for a policy to be adopted more broadly outside of a specific organization; or implementing a tangible solution within a community or environment that are aimed at improving the health of our community and are linked to climate-sensitive hazards. We encourage consideration of risks that affect one group of people more than another.

Please see the handout Activities Benefiting Climate and Public Health for project examples. Eligible projects are not limited to these ideas - any project benefiting both climate and public health will be considered.


A Youth Nominee:

  • Must live and attend school in Maricopa County
  • Must be age 18 years or younger

An Individual Nominee:

  • Must live and/or work in Maricopa County
  • May be community leaders; representatives; or volunteers, including but not limited to, health professionals (physicians, nurses); educators; journalists; or community organizers

A Business Nominee:

  • Must operate in Maricopa County
  • Must be from the private sector

An Organization Nominee:

  • Must operate in Maricopa County
  • May be a school, nonprofit, public organization, or governmental organization

A Research Nominee:

  • Must live and/or conduct work in Maricopa County
  • May be a research professional; an individual contributing to or contributed to a research project (Principal Investigator, research team, research workgroup); health professionals with a research focus (physicians, nurses, etc.); nonprofit or governmental organizations working on a research project


Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Innovative Approach
  • Reproducibility
  • Impact
  • Health Equity
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement/Service of Vulnerable Populations
  • Length of Project Implementation

To read about current and former award winners and nominees, return to the Climate and Health Champions home page