My Priorities 

Fiscal Strength

I’ve advocated for a government that optimizes its resources through innovation, partnerships, and fiscal discipline. County government also has a role to play in creating the right conditions for economic growth. We can do that through balanced, simplified regulatory policy as well as through our Industrial Development Authority which funds and supports projects that connect more people with jobs.

  Healthy Urban Environments 

Rising temperatures are a threat to quality of life and economic vitality in our county. I’ve encouraged us to work with ASU and other community partners to reduce the impact of urban heat, improve air quality, and ensure this is a healthy environment so that future generations can live and thrive here.


There’s nothing more sacrosanct than our right to vote. In 2019, the Board of Supervisors took a more active role in the elections process to ensure integrity. The Board will execute Election Day activities, including poll worker training and chain of custody of tabulation equipment and ballots.  The Board’s investment in updated tabulation machines will make counting more efficient. In partnership with the Recorder’s Office, these changes will set us on the path for successful elections in 2020 and beyond.


The number of people living on the streets of our community is growing. To address this, we need regional solutions. Maricopa County government should play, and is playing, an active role. During my time in office, I’ve encouraged us to partner with experts and people at the ground level who care to come up with affordable housing and shelter options; job training and educational opportunities; and more.

 County Workforce Transformation

 I introduced personnel reform that optimized our workforce for innovation and allowed employees across all 50+ lines of our business to be judged according to the same standards.  The best and brightest are rewarded and given space to grow and those who fall short are held accountable. Now we’re focused on improving the recruiting and hiring process so we get a stronger pool of job applicants and hire the best person sooner.