Employee Stories

With over 13,000 employees, it's hard to imagine we share many of the same values.  Explore the unique pathways that brought each employee here and learn about the values that connect us and motivate us to improve the lives of our Maricopa County residents. 

Stephany Gallegos, Animal Care and Control

A life of service and a life-long bond with animals

 Growing up all of my life we were the home for wayward pets. I just came to understand the role that animals play in life. They were my friends.

Vince Hatcher, Sheriff's Office

An office view unlike any other

 I get to leave Arizona.  That's my job.  I leave Arizona and then I get to come back. That's the best part.

Nina Lindsey, Human Services

From foster care to caring for at-risk youth.

“ For children who have witnessed those things, it’s very difficult to come back from that level of trauma.”