Our attorneys and staff live and work in Maricopa County. As citizens of the County we serve, we prioritize responding to our community’s needs. We do this through organized participation in community events and through our own workers’ independent involvement in their local communities.

Please follow our Facebook page to find more information on local resources and our community outreach programs.  Public Defender on Facebook

Our department, along with the Office of Public Defense Services (OPDS), the Office of the Legal Defender, Office of the Legal Advocate, and Office of the Public Advocate may be available to assist with outreach efforts.  If you’d like to request a speaker, please fill out the Community Outreach Request Form and allow at least four weeks’ notice before the event.

  1. Veteran's Standdown
  2. Restoration of Rights
  3. Service Committee

Throughout the year we participate in a number of Veteran’s StandDown events, offering free legal aid and assistance to military veterans who are engaged in the criminal justice process. During these events we represent veteran clients in their matters, help fill out legal paperwork, provide legal advice to them, and refer them to other resources available at the event and in the community. In 2018 alone, 895 veterans registered and received legal services at the event.

2023 Maricopa County Veteran's StandDown
Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Exhibition Hall & Wesley Bolin building
at the Arizona State Fairgrounds
 1826 W. McDowell Road, Phx

Friday, April 28th, 2023

Doors open for registration at 7:00 AM and services end at 4:00pm

NOTE: Courts and other services open on: TBD

For more information on the 2023 StandDown,
please visit the Arizona Veterans StandDown Alliance page or e-mail us