Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this survey?

The purpose of this survey is to estimate the number of people who engage in high-risk health behaviors in Maricopa County, to assess their health needs, and to determine whether public health services are available or missing in the community.

What will happen if I choose to do this survey?

If you choose to do this survey, you will be asked to:

  1. Do some activities with our team today
  2. Recruit people you know to take the survey over the next few weeks
  3. Meet with our team again (if the people you recruited decided to participate in the survey)

TodayFirst, you will get a survey code. This code will help us keep track of surveys but will not be linked to you or your identity. We will not ask you for your name or any information that would let someone find out that you provided answers in this survey. No one will be able to identify you from the survey code.

Next, you will be led to a semi-private area with a table, chair, and tabletop privacy screen. This way, others will not be able to see your answers. You will take the survey on a touch-screen tablet. The questions will ask about your behaviors, health, experience with healthcare, and basic characteristics about yourself, such as your gender and how old you are. A survey staff member will be nearby to answer any of your questions. It should take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

After you are done with the questionnaire, the survey staff member will explain how to recruit people you know to take the survey. You will get some coupons to invite people to the survey. Your survey code will be linked to the coupons of the people you recruit, but there will be no way to identify either them or you because you will not provide your name or any other personally identifiable information.

At the end of today’s visit, you will be given a $20 gift card for your participation, even if you do not do all parts of the survey.

Over the next few weeks: You will recruit people you know in Maricopa County who meet eligibility criteria. Our survey team will explain who is eligible for recruitment and the number of people you should recruit.

If people you recruited came to participate in the survey, you will need to come back for a second visit with our team to collect your incentive.You may either call our hotline at (602) 826-0987 or visit one of our field sites to find out whether any gift cards are waiting for you. You must provide your survey code, so we can determine whether any people you recruited came to take the survey. When you come back for your second visit, you will only stay a few minutes. You will get a $5 gift card for each person you gave a coupon to that was in the survey.

What will happen if I choose NOT to do this survey?

There will be no penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.

How long will it take to complete?

It will take about 15-20 minutes to answer the survey questions, 10 minutes to learn about ways to recruit others to take the survey, and 5 minutes to receive a gift card for your participation. (About 35 minutes total)

What if I want to stop being in the survey?

You can stop taking the survey at any time. You can choose to be in all parts of the survey or only some of them. If you choose to skip questions or if you stop all together, your access to health services will not be impacted.

Do I have to answer every question?

No. You may skip any questions that you do not want to answer. There is no penalty for skipping questions.

What are the risks in taking this survey?

  1. The survey includes questions that ask about sensitive topics. Some people may feel uncomfortable with these questions. Please keep in mind that you can skip any question you do not want to answer or may stop the survey at any time. You may ask the survey staff to give you a phone number for an organization that can provide information and referral for these issues.
  2. Someone might find out that you took the survey and treat you badly as a result. But the survey is secret and we do all we can to keep it private. We will never ask you for your name, date of birth, address or other information that could identify you.

How will the survey team protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

We will protect your privacy by not asking you for your name, birthday, address, or any other information that can identify you. Your survey responses cannot be linked to you as an individual. Your responses will be stored in a secure location on a computer server at Maricopa County Department of Public Health. At no point will anyone be able to link your responses with you as an individual.

What does it cost me for me to be in the survey?

It does not cost you any money to take this survey. If you complete all three steps (that is, take the survey, pass out coupons, and pick up incentives), it might take 1 to 2 hours of your time to participate.

Will I get anything for taking part in the survey?

If you choose to take the survey, you will be given a $20 gift card today.

Will I get anything for recruiting others to take the survey?

You will be given a $5 gift card for each person who you recruit that takes the survey. After the survey, you will be given information about how to recruit others, and where and when you can collect those gift cards.

What are the benefits of taking part in this survey?

You will not receive any immediate, direct benefits by taking part in this survey. However, your responses, along with responses from others in the community, will help the community at large.

If you choose to take this survey, you will help us to better understand your health and your experience with accessing healthcare and treatment in Maricopa County. Your responses might help us identify what services you want to see for you and your peers. Your thoughts and opinions might help us identify better ways to prevent infectious disease transmission or ways to provide health and treatment services. All of the information that you provide will help us advocate for better services for people who engage in high-risk health behaviors.

Who can answer my questions about the survey?

If you have general questions about appointments or incentives, please contact the survey hotline: 602-826-0987.

If you have questions or would like to voice concerns about the survey methods, please contact the survey investigators: or 602-329-0254

If you have questions or would like to voice concerns about your rights as a survey respondent or survey-related injuries, please contact the ADHS Human Subjects Review Board: or 602-364-4562 (Danielle Richard)