Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Improvement Study

The Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Improvement Study is examining current and future traffic volumes and patterns in the area along Jackrabbit Trail/195th Street/Tuthill Road from Queen Creek Road to Peoria Avenue. This study will identify alternatives for the future roadway alignment, right-of-way needs, facility type, and number of lanes to address the transportation needs of current and future residents.

Jackrabbit Corridor Improvement Study Area Data

Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Area
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Municipal Planning Area
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Land Ownership
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Existing Zoning
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Existing Land Use
CIS maps6Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Future Land Use
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Planned Developments
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Existing Roadway Networks
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Crash Locations & Severity
Jackrabbit Trail Corridor Study Trails and Recreation

Current and recent MCDOT Projects along the Corridor

Jackrabbit Trail: Van Buren St. to McDowell Road

A scoping study is underway to consider proposed interchange and intersection improvements. This project is the result of the 2017 Jackrabbit Trail Candidate Assessment Report.

Camelback Crossing at the Beardlsey Canal 

This project is designing a crossing of Camelback Road over the Beardsley Canal to improve roadway network connectivity in the area. Result of the 2015 MCDOT Transportation Systems Plan.

Jackrabbit Trail at Yuma Road Intersection Improvement Project

Crews completed the installation of a traffic signal and other intersection improvements at Jackrabbit Trail and Yuma Road in April 2018. 

Jackrabbit Trail Small Area Transportation Study 

Completed in 2017, this study recommended future number of lanes for roadways within the study area.

I-10 Hassayampa Transportation Framework Study

Completed in conjunction with the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) in 2008, this study indicated a need for the Perryville/Jackrabbit Trail Parkway.  This parkway status was removed in 2014.