Ryan White Honored with 2017 NACo Award

2017 NACo Award badge

The Maricopa County Ryan White Programs have won a National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award for their Ryan White Joint Application and Integrated Eligibility project. Competing against municipalities throughout the U.S., the Ryan White Programs earned the award in the category in health. The award honors forward-thinking, adaptive county government programs that provide innovative services to residents.

Maricopa County and the State of Arizona Ryan White Programs developed a joint application for HIV services for clients who are dually enrolled in HIV Services at the state and county level. The process collaboratively reviewed two sets of federal regulations plus state and county guidance to create one consolidated set of policies and guidelines.

These efforts resulted in a 50% reduction in client application requirements for the two programs and a 58% reduction in the length of the application. Through a collaborative effort between Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), Maricopa County and Care Directions, the core application went from 12 to 5 pages, with a handful of addendums. Finally, the process established HIPAA compliant document referral pathways so that the separate programs could coordinate paperwork. More than 4,000 clients are now using this new, integrated eligibility process. This is another example of how we are finding new ways to streamline our processes and improve the experience of our clients.

We would like to thank our partners at state, local, and community levels who were committed to increasing service to our population and improving the client experience. The diligent efforts to gather community feedback, develop shared policies and processes, and testing/piloting the new application during the last three years are the reason why our customers are now better served.