Getting Started

Interested in learning more about shared use? Not sure if you are ready for shared use in your community? You are in the right place!

We have sorted through reports, spent time researching best practices, and vetted the top resources to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate guide to help make your shared use initiative successful.

Whether you are looking to see what others have done, are ready to open your gates, or want increase the impact of an existing shared use project - this toolkit can help you find the answers to your questions, trouble shoot your challenges, and help unlock the opportunities in your community. 
Toolkit Roadmap1.
  1. PLAN
  2. OPEN
Some of the most critical steps in a successful shared use initiative happen before the site is opened. The PLAN section of this toolkit focuses on resources to help you with the critical development phase. Click below to explore the seven areas of planning for shared use.

  1. Shared Use 101
  2. Who Are You
  3. Getting to Know Your Community
  4. Enlist your Partners
  5. Create a Vision
  6. Understand Liability
  7. Plan for Action