Permits, Certifications & Asbestos Notifications

This page contains links to permitting programs (including dust control, dust control training and subcontractor registration), tanker truck certification and asbestos notifications.
  1. Permit Engineering

    Access the Permit Engineering division to learn more about the permits and permitting process for the Air Quality Department of Maricopa County.

  2. Do I Need an Air Permit?

    Explore the frequently asked questions surrounding what Air Permits are, who needs them, and when and why.

  3. Asbestos

    The Maricopa County Air Quality Department regulates all asbestos renovation and demolition within Maricopa County.

  4. Burning Activities

    Learn more about burning activities and how they are regulated by the Department of Air Quality of Maricopa County.

  5. Dust Control Permit Applications (Rule 310)

    Discover how to locate, complete, submit, and pay fees owed on a Dust Control Application for the Air Quality Department of Maricopa County.

  6. Dust Sources

    Gather more information about dust sources and find out which types of sites and activities are governed by Maricopa County dust control regulations.

  7. Dust Control Training

    Find out more about who needs dust control training and how to procure it.

  8. Permit Types

    Learn more about the various categories for permits in the Air Quality Department.

  9. Permit Intake Locations

    Review a list of locations where permits can be submitted for Maricopa County.

  10. Subcontractor Registration

    Any subcontractor who is engaged in dust-generating operations at a site that is subject to a Maricopa County dust control permit is required to register with the county.

  11. Tanker Truck Certification (Vapor Recovery)

    Find out more about the rules governing gasoline delivery vessel testing and use, and what Maricopa County has done to comply with the requirements.