Employees Assisting and Supporting Employees (EASE)

Employees Assisting and Supporting Employees (EASE) helps support County employees experiencing medical and/or Human Services-Related Emergencies when all other sources of financial aid have been exhausted or are unavailable. This program is available to Maricopa County Employees only.
Employee applications for EASE assistance are evaluated for Financial Hardship and focus on stabilization of the emergency situation. The decision of the E.A.S.E. Committee is based on the degree to which the employee has:
  • Identified an emergency situation that requires an immediate response
  • Provided specific and complete documentation of Medical and Human Services-Related
  • Emergency expenses incurred or to be incurred
  • Exhausted alternatives for funding assistance
  • No capacity to meet financial obligations with existing resources
  • Documented loss of income due to the emergency circumstance
  • Please visit the EBC portal for additional information

Program Application