Long Range Planning

Long Range Plans are created for land use, land planning and development policies.

Area Land Use Plans

Maricopa County has a number of area land use plans that work in concert with the Comprehensive Plan. These area plans are more specific to the local areas they cover in relation to community characteristics, topography, special conditions, etc.

  1. Daisy Mountain/New River
  2. Rainbow Valley
  3. Rio Verde Foothills
  4. Other Adopted Area Plans

Additional Long Range Planning

  1. Comprehensive Plan
  2. Scenic Corridors

Maricopa County is required by state law to prepare a comprehensive plan for its area of jurisdiction. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved the latest comprehensive plan, Vision 2030 (PDF), in January, 2016. This plan covers a variety of topics that are important to this region's future, including land use, transportation, environment, economic growth, areas of future growth, open space, water resources, energy, and fiscal impacts. The plan includes strategies and policies to help address these important issues and ensure a strong and vibrant region for years to come.