Water, Sewage, Stormwater & Waste

The Environmental Services Department is responsible for approving, regulating, educating, and, in some cases, managing water, wastewater, stormwater, and waste management practices to ensure public health, sanitation, and pollution prevention.

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Water Resources in Maricopa County Water-FAQs Opens in new window

The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center and Maricopa County Cooperative Extension Office developed a Factsheet to summarize "the basics" about water for a general audience. It is the first in a series of Arizona Water Factsheets for every county in the state.  

Maricopa County Water Factsheet

Have you seen our new WaterWorks bulletin?

Our first issue featured our Onsite Wastewater Program, introducing the program’s manager and supervisors, and the new Water & Waste Management Division Manager. It also included an article on Cementation of Soils, the video Day in the Life of a Septic Inspector, our department’s Annual Report, and more!

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WaterWorks (May 17, 2021)
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