Mobile Food Establishments

The Mobile Food industry has grown leaps and bounds here in Maricopa County and the Department recognizes the vast opportunity that this industry provides to the community. 
The following are classified as Mobile Food Establishments:
  • Mobile Food Type I (previously Food Peddler)
  • Mobile Food Type II (previously Pushcart)
  • Mobile Food Type III (previously Mobile Food Unit)
  • Annual Event Food Establishment
  • Temporary Food Establishment
  • Seasonal Food Establishment
Mobile Food Type I, II and III are approved to operate at Farmers’ Markets, Special Events, business locations, private functions, etc., in Maricopa County, provided they are operating within the allowances of the permit issued to them.

Annual Event Food Establishments are approved to operate at Special Events & Farmers' Markets provided they operate within the allowances of the permit issued to them. 

​Temporary and Seasonal Food Establishments are approved to operate at the single event for which a permit was issued.

​Please refer to the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code (Chapter 8, Section 3) for definitions and regulations for each Mobile Food Establishment permit type.

​Please check with local/city authorities to ensure compliance with their rules/regulations, prior to operating any food establishment.

Information regarding State Licensure:

The initial permitting approval is conducted in the county where the commissary is located.  A vendor that is issued a permit in accordance with the state licensing requirements and is operating within the limitations of the permit type that was issued may submit their application, supporting documentation (menu, commissary agreement, toilet use agreement, photos of unit, and route sheet/location of operation), and permit fee electronically to the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (Department).  The Department will review the information provided and if approved, will mail back the permit card and permit plate that is to be affixed to the permitted vehicle.  A commissary agreement may still be required within Maricopa County based on the nature of the operation.  No plan review/plan review fee/facility inspections are required for those units that have been approved in accordance with state licensing requirements.

Applications/Forms (please click on box below)

Mobile Food Permit
Temp Food Permit
MF-Caterer at Events