Special Events/Farmers' Markets

Special Events and Farmers' Markets have a special niche here in Maricopa County. 

​Special Events include fairs, festivals, promotional events, large sporting events (e.g. Fiesta Bowl, Waste Management Open, etc.), and other similar types of Department approved events.

Mobile Food Establishments and Food Caterers are approved to operate at these venues provided they are operating within the allowances of the permits issued. 

​If a business operates beyond what their annual permit allows for at a Special Event, a Temporary or Seasonal Permit will need to be obtained from the Department. Please note: Temporary or Seasonal permits are not issued for Farmers' Markets.

***A waiver of fee may be granted to the operator of an establishment, which maintains a current 501(c)(3) tax exempt designation from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, who demonstrates to the Board of Health that payment of said fee will cause financial hardship.   Please contact the Department at 602.506.6616Telephone Skype icon for further information prior to completing the Temporary/Seasonal Permit Application.
If liquor will be served at the event, please visit Liquor Licenses & Permits for more information.  

Applications/Forms (please click on box below)

Temp Food Permit
Special Event Coordinator
MF-Caterer at Events
Farmers Market Coordinator