Permanent/Fixed Businesses

The Plan Review & Construction Program is recognized as a regional environmental health leader that provides technical assistance and quality plan review. It develops and fosters greater uniformity for sanitary establishments, enhancing the safety of our residents and their environment.

Using innovative methods, Plan Review & Construction Program professionals take proactive steps to evaluate establishments and work with stakeholders to minimize environmental health-related risks.

Please check with local/city authorities to ensure compliance with their rules/regulations before operating any food establishment.

Are you ready to schedule a benchmark inspection (plumbing, equipment, construction, final construction, or a re-inspection)?

Construction Inspection Request

What do you need to know before you purchase that business?

  • Want to know what items need to be addressed to qualify for a permit?
  • Were you aware that food inspections on operating restaurants differ from plan review inspections and therefore may not list all requirements when the new owner applies for a permit?
  • Complete the Inspection Upon Request Form by clicking on the box below and pay the $240 fee so you can be informed.  We will come out to the location you are considering purchasing and provide you with a full list of items that must be addressed.
  • Consultation (no cost): If you would like to set up an appointment with a plan review inspector, at no cost to you, to discuss your project before submitting your application, please get in touch with us at (602)506-6824 or  Please provide the project location's address so we can better serve your needs.  These consultations may be conducted virtually or by phone.  If you need a fully documented list of violations, please submit for an Inspection Upon Request and pay the associated fee of $240.
Inspection Upon Request


(Click on the boxes below to access applications/forms.):
  • Instructions for Submitting Plan Review Documents Electronically
  • Food Establishment Application - new business owners, operating in the shared kitchen, new construction, or major/minor review
  • Dog-Friendly Patio Application
  • Request an Inspection - This form requests the following types of benchmark inspections (Plumbing, Equipment, Construction, Final Construction, or Re-inspections).
Food Establishment Permit
Dog Friendly Patio Permit


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