Permanent/Fixed Businesses

The Plan Review & Construction Program is recognized as a regional environmental health leader that provides technical assistance, quality plan review, and develops and fosters greater uniformity for sanitary establishments, thereby enhancing the safety of our residents and their environment.​​

​Using innovative methods, Plan Review & Construction Program professionals take proactive steps to evaluate establishments and work with stakeholders to minimize environmental health related risks.

​Please check with local/city authorities to ensure compliance with their rules/regulations, prior to operating any food establishment.

What do you need to know before you purchase that business?

  • Want to know what items need to be addressed to qualify for a permit?
  • Were you aware that food inspections on operating restaurants differ from plan review inspections and therefore may not list all the requirements necessary when the new owner applies for a permit?
  • Complete an Inspection Upon Request form (online) or Inspection Upon Request form (PDF)  and pay the $240 fee so you can be informed.